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Corrected entry: In the scene where Newt and Ripley are in the room with the face huggers, Ripley tries to escape by banging a chair against the glass window full force. However, it merely bounces off. But, when one of the marines dives at the window, it smashes. How is this possible?

Correction: It's possible because immediately before Hicks dives through the window, we see (and hear) Hudson put several rounds from a pulse rifle through it.

Tailkinker Premium member

In addition, Hicks very loudly yells "Shoot it out!" before Hudson fires.


Corrected entry: The counter on a fully-loaded pulse rifle reads 300 rounds. However, a magazine of the size shown could never contain 300 rounds of 10mm ammunition.


Correction: I don't know where anyone in the movie said that the counter reads 300 bullets, because it certainly wasn't ever said in this film. The counter on the Pulse Rifle only goes up to 99. This is shown when Ripley loads it at 2 different parts in the movie: when Hicks is showing her how to fire it, and when she is getting ready to go find Newt in the hive. There was never any indication that the Pulse Rifle clips hold 300 rounds.


Correction: You sure? Cause, to me, they seemed more like a power source for the smart guns and not the ammo.

Sam Montgomery

The video here shows her loading a full magazine: At the 59 second point, she loads the magazine and the round indicator shows 95, not 99 and definitely not 300. The round indicator only goes to 2 digits.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Ripley and Hicks are discussing their defence plans after the first encounter, they decide to put one of the auto guns in each of three locations, leaving one left over. When we see the guns in place they have actually used two guns in each of two locations, that is, two pairs.

Correction: Ripley discusses 3 separate locations with Hicks, but their plan is to station two guns each at two points and seal off a third. I don't believe there to be any issues with this part of the film.


Corrected entry: After they escape the planet, the nuke goes off, and they are back on the spaceship, where they should all be weightless, including the alien, and would be floating around on the ship, not walking around like they were on solid ground. This totally unscientific approach to the movie is annoying.


Correction: Well, you must just hate science fiction, then. Practically every sci-fi film set in space features a ship or station with artificial gravity. This is a fictional technology, as are faster-than-light drives, hibernation pods and androids made in human form, all of which feature in the Alien series of films, all of which are unscientific and all of which presumably annoy you as well. Unfortunately for your sense of scientific indignation, the use of a fictional technology in a science fiction film is not only not a mistake, it's practically a requirement.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Given Bishop's crucial role in saving the day throughout Aliens, doesn't it seem odd that human marines are used at all in the future? He's smarter, tougher, has quicker reflexes and can be mass-produced, as Alien 3 will testify. And considering the corporate scam being played out, you'd think they'd be more careful than to send in soldiers when they could have simply made a dozen androids to assist Ripley - who could still play host to an alien foetus.

Correction: Humans beings are cheaper. The Company is very interested in the bottom line, and they just consider human beings to be more expendable than what is most likely a multi-billion dollar android.


Corrected entry: It's true that the queen was going to use the elevator to follow Ripley and Newt as they were trying to escape. But, how would she know where the elevator stopped? It's not like there's only two levels. More so, she would have to hit the button before the first elevator even stopped to follow them up as quickly as it did. Either way, she shouldn't have been able to know where they get off and wind up on the exact same floor as Ripley and Newt.

Correction: I think it's the top floor for the elevator so the queen simply let it go all the way up. Not knowing they would be there but it was a good guess since it knew they were escaping to the top. It's a clever thing, it went into the elevator right after Ripley and Newt went up.


Corrected entry: When Ripley shows off her skill with the power-loader, another walks along in the background. Look carefully, it's Ripley driving.

Correction: It is Spunkmeyer, who was already in his own power-loader just moments ago. If you look closely, there is an American flag on his shoulder and he has black boots, while Ripley's are grey and red.


Corrected entry: In Alien, Kane refers to the eggs as "leathery objects, like eggs or something" but does not say how many. In Aliens, Ripley says in her deposition, "Kane, who went into that ship, said he saw thousands of eggs there. Thousands." After Kane comes out of his coma, he couldn't have told anyone about the number of eggs. When Dallas asks him, "Do you remember anything about the planet?" he just shakes his head no. (00:13:10)

Correction: During Kane's report BEFORE this exert he does state he sees hundreds of eggs, maybe thousands. Where he is initially lowered into the pit and looks out and sees all the eggs.


Just watched this scene, in both the theatrical and director's cut, Kane does not mention how many. Could you please point out the moment in which he said there thousands of them potentially?

Sam Montgomery

Corrected entry: When Gorman is knocked unconscious, his eyes are open. Only dead people keep their eyes open; Gorman is in a deep sleep - he's not dead.


Correction: This entry is completely wrong. Many people have been knock unconscious with their eyes open. And being unconscious is NOT a deep sleep (although I have witnessed people who sleep with their eyes open).


Corrected entry: in the extended version especially, the fact that Ripley was lost in space for almost 60 years and at the exact time when she arrives on earth the colonists find the eggs and the company loses connection to them is an unbelievably huge coincidence. In the theatrical version the timing of the events remains a bit more unclear - the colonists may have died even years ago, at any time between those 57 years time period and the company noticed that after they found Ripley and decided to communicate with them to check. But in the extended version this possibility is killed as we see the colonists' situation, and one just has to believe the above described huge coincidence.

Correction: Coincidence? It's made very clear in the film that it's anything but. Once Ripley was found and told her story, Burke sent instructions to the colony ordering them to investigate the reported location of the derelict alien ship, leading directly to the infection of the colony and the death of all the colonists bar Newt. There's a pivotal scene where Ripley confronts Burke about it, angrily telling him that it was all his fault, something that he attempts to dismiss as "a bad call" on his part, shortly before he attempts to infect her and Newt by releasing the facehuggers. Rewatch the movie; the chain of events is made very clear. It's no coincidence.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: There is NO WAY that the entire crew of a Marine Transport is composed of two squads. When the Marines all go down to the surface, it's ALL the Marines, resulting in having to remote pilot the second landing craft down. As someone with over 20 years experience in the Military, I can safely say that this vessel would have a crew that would include -among others- a pilot, copilot, navigator, engineer, communications officer, medic, and several crew members to maintain the food and life support systems, various cargo loaders, drop ships, and weapons systems of the ship (which are visible in exterior shots). There is no way that a bunch of Privates would be qualified to do those tasks- their Military Occupation Specialties are 0300 series/combat related NOT support related. Those are apples and oranges.


Correction: This mistake makes several assumptions. The Sulaco demonstrably has enough automation to travel to LV-426 without a crew. So why crew her? The Corporation thinks that 2 squads are enough. 2 squads of Marines must have been enough to handle similar situations in the past. So why send a company or more? The Sulaco is entering a situation where there will be no hostile starships, so why man her weapons or provide a warship escort? Ferro, Gorman and Bishop provide the specialized skills deemed necessary for this mission. So why send more officers or techs? The company, always concerned about the bottom line, sent exactly what they thought was necessary and not a bit more.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: At the end, when Ripley has her arm slung through that rung in the airlock and the queen alien is hanging from her foot AND the decompression that has everything in the cargo hold whipping by her head...she only loses a shoe as the queen is swept into space? By all rights, shouldn't only her arm be left dangling there? (02:11:25)

Correction: First, the amount of force needed to rip a person's arm out of its socket is incredibly strong. This wasn't an explosive decompression... the door opened gradually, so the force pulling her into space wasn't that violent. Many of the objects that get blown out are heavier, but they also have more surface area than a human. Much of the air went *around* Ripley. People don't have their heads ripped off while walking through hurricane-force winds capable of lifting rooves off houses and overturning airplanes.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Not really a HUGE mistake, but when Ripley finds Newt in her hole the first time you can see lots of boxes laying round with rations or MRE's in them. But later when the female medic is checking her out she says she is suffering from "Borderline Malnutrition" How is that possible when she had so much left over food?

Correction: The term "malnutrition" does not necessarily mean that you have had too little food, it also includes the bad effects of an improper regular diet. MRE's are not designed to be eaten on a regular basis, but as emergency food when nothing else is available. Newt has eaten MRE's for a very long time, and is suffering from the ill effects from this (most likely constipation and lack of proper vitamins).


Not to mention people who have suffered severe trauma often lose appetite. Even though she has collected food she may not be eating as regularly as she should. With nobody around to counsel her or force her to eat she is probably not getting regular meals or resting as often as she should.


Corrected entry: When Ripley goes to save Newt, she uses a tracking device to find her. However the only data that tracking device gives her is how far away she is from the receiver. It doesn't give any clue as to direction. For all she knows the receiver can be 50 meters above her, 50 meters behind her, 50 meters ahead of her, below her, to her right, to her left, etc, or even any combination of them. Yet in the maze of levels, sub levels, stairs and corridors of the compound she is able to find the EXACT path to the receiver on her first attempt.


Correction: Ripley already knew which level the aliens took their victims when cocooning them as she had observed this from the monitors in the APC. That solves the up or down direction. When Ripley exited the elevator and started forward through the hallway the distance on the tracking device started counting down which meant she was going in the correct direction. If the numbers start getting larger, then she is obviously going the wrong way.


Corrected entry: At the end, when Bishop gets impaled by the queen's tail, he spews up white blood, some of which lands on Ripley's chin, but in the next shot her face is clean. (02:06:20)

Correction: It is possible that between shots she wiped her face on her sleeve as in an instinctive reaction.


Corrected entry: The guns fire 10mm caseless. Each magazine holds 95 rounds (according to the poorly placed counter). A springloaded magazine can only push bullets in one direction, so at most you can have two rounds alternated vertically in a compressed zig-zag pattern. You can't have five rounds side by side in a magazine, as there would be no way of moving them horizontally into the chamber as well as vertically through the length of the magazine. This means that a 100 round magazine would either have to be a drum or cylinder shape like that on a Thompson submachinengun or it would be at least sixty centimetres long.

Correction: Nowhere in the movie it is established springloaded magazines are used, and as it takes place in the future, who knows what they came up with.


Corrected entry: Bishop tells Ripley that she has 19 minutes at the end when she charges off to find Newt, but seconds later as she walks out of the ship the computer voice says there are only 15 minutes left to get to safe distance. Both are computers that would be working from the same data, why would there be such a large discrepancy? (01:50:10)

Correction: The computer in Hadley's Hope is saying that any personnel remaining have 15 minutes to get to 'minimum safe distance' not to when the atmosphere processor will blow. On the Sulaco, Bishop tells Ripley how long until the explosion.


Corrected entry: In the scene when the marines are making their first sweep of the complex and Hicks says "looks like they bagged one of Ripley's bad guys here," how do they kill the alien? If they used weapons where are they? Why didn't the marines use them when the drop ship crashed and they only had four pulse rifles with about 50 rounds each?

Correction: They say, during the survey, "looks like small-arms fire" which probably means light pistols, plus there are references to seismic survey charges, which would be small explosives. As to why the marines didn't use them - they never actually found the pistols, and it would be a little difficult to use explosives after the colonists have already blown them up.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Ripley and Hick's lungs would have been severely burnt by the concentrated acid gas in the elevator while escaping to the second dropship. Their eyes and skin would also be affected. (01:47:40)

Correction: The gas isn't acid - it's the by-product of the liquid acid chemically reacting with Hick's armor. Acid-metal reactions produce water, metal salts, and gases, but not another acid.


Corrected entry: Ripley and the remaining marines had welded and barricaded every way into the Medical Centre to keep the creepy-crawlies out. They checked all the construction blueprints. Yet they never thought to check the ceiling space, which was covered with a flimsy, lightweight grating that wasn't even bolted or welded down - Hicks merely lifts a panel easily with the tip of his rifle. I always thought that was a hoot.

Correction: The Aliens contorted their bodies to able to fit into the ceiling space, which was naturally quite small relative to the Aliens's overall size. Given their limited exposure to the creatures up to that point, it's not surprising that the Marines would have failed to anticipate this. Even Ripley's exposure to the single Alien aboard the Nostromo in the first film was not so extensive that she would necessarily have thought of it either.


Continuity mistake: When the Marines first enter the reactor room, the "Mission Time" readout on the shoulder mounted cameras jumps backwards and forwards in time with every cut. (00:54:10)

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[The alien queen advances on Newt.]
Ripley: Get away from her you bitch!

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Trivia: The name 'Sulaco' was taken from a novel by Joseph Conrad. The name of the novel? 'Nostromo' of course.

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Question: I know that the studio chose James Cameron to direct due to the strength of his script, but why wasn't Ridley Scott offered the chance to direct? And was the studio considering a sequel before Cameron joined?


Chosen answer: The studio was considering a sequel before Cameron was involved, but regarding directing it, Ridley Scott told "The Hollywood" in a 2008 interview, "They didn't ask me! To this day I have no idea why. It hurt my feelings, really, because I thought we did quite a good job on the first one." The studio liked Cameron's script and at that time he had enough clout to be able to insist on directing it.

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It would have been a gamble to choose Ridley Scott as he had no experience with action films, James Cameron had proved himself with films such as Terminator.

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