It is revealed that the Company - specifically, Burke - sent the colonists on LV-426 to the Alien ship in hopes of obtaining an Alien for research purposes. Burke releases two facehuggers to impregnate Ripley and Newt, but the Marines intervene; Burke is exposed and nearly killed for his actions. However, at that exact moment, the Aliens attack in force, leading to the deaths of everybody except Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and the "artificial person" Bishop. While trying to escape, the Aliens capture Newt and injure Hicks; Ripley, loaded with weapons from the second dropship, enters the Aliens' lair and confronts the Queen Alien to save Newt. Ripley frees Newt, decimates the lair, and returns to the dropship, with the Queen hot on her trail. As the dropship departs, the colony's fusion reactor overloads, destroying the colony (and the Aliens' lair). Back aboard the Sulaco, all seems well until the Queen emerges from the landing gear area of the dropship. The Queen Alien tears Bishop in half and then chases Newt around while Ripley gets into a "loader" (seen earlier in the movie) and uses it to fight the Queen. Finally, Ripley manages to eject the Queen into space, while Bishop prevents Newt from being sucked out with the Queen. Hicks, Ripley, Newt, and the remaining half of Bishop finish by entering stasis for the trip back to Earth.

Mark Cuss

Aliens mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Newt is sliding across the grated floor, Bishop reaches out to save her and you can clearly see he's standing in a hole to make him look cut in half. (02:11:40)

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[All ammunition has been confiscated.]
Marine: What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?.

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Trivia: The name 'Sulaco' was taken from a novel by Joseph Conrad. The name of the novel? 'Nostromo' of course.

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