Revealing mistake: In the siege at the end, there is a shot where you can hear the squibs (small charges that explode on a stuntman to make it appear he was shot by a bullet) going off on one of the soldiers as Matrix shoots him.


Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Matrix hits the button to blow up the village, you can clearly see that there are only cardboard stand-ups of men next to the buildings blowing up. Also, for some reason the top of the watch-tower blows up when Matrix never put a bomb there.


Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Just before the guard in his tower gets killed and falls out, you can see the wooden sides have been precut. When he supposedly falls through the wood it parts along the cut line but remains hanging on string.


Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene where Matrix is attempting to push his truck down the hill, pay close attention to the shot where the truck starts rolling and Matrix jumps into the cab - the cable controlling the truck is visible to the right of the rear tire.


Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Just before Matrix crashes the red car there is a shot with just 1 person in it. The woman has vanished.


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Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the stunt where the police van flips over (as a result of the rocket launcher attack) you can see the telegraph pole section used to flip the van over. It rolls down the road. (Stunts involving flips rely on a mini pile driver under the vehicle, as opposed to using an explosive charge by itself which can be too unpredictable).


Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: The stunt double for David Patrick Kelly is seen driving the car, just before he crashes through the gate of the parking garage.

00:37:50 - 00:40:10

Revealing mistake: At the end of the fight between Matrix and Bennett, Matrix throws a pipe through his body into the steam duct behind him. However, immediately after he is pierced by the pipe, we see Bennett slide about half a foot down the wall, which would be impossible with the pipe lodged in behind him.


Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Matrix goes to get his rifle from the shed, he uses a combination on the keypad to unlock the door but the door was already half opened.



Revealing mistake: The scene with the shack has many mistakes, but only if you play it in slow-mo. First, he throws the circular saw at the guy in the window, the saw is moving on wires and he has a hairpiece someone just pulls off with a wire. The next guy he stabs with a pitchfork, and Arnie just lightly stabs him and the guy falls forward holding onto the pitchfork to make it look as though he was stabbed. Arnie then throws a saw at a guy hitting him in the chest. The guy actually just catches the saw in his arms in a way to make you think he got hit. Then Arnie swings some sort of gardening tool into the genitles of a man, but he actually stops it before it hits the guy and the thug just holds onto the handle. Finally, Arnie hacks off the forearm of a another man. You can tell that his arm was fake from the elbow on.


Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the mansion, Matrix jumps to shelter in some flowers and the mat he lands on is noticeable because he bounces and parts of it become visible.


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Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: There is a scene in the mall fight between Matrix, and the security guards when he knocks one of them over a railing you can see the cord that's attached to the security guard's right ankle as he falls.


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Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the fight scene with Matrix and Cooke at the Motel, the stunt double for Cooke (the bald black guy) looks nothing like him and can be seen during many parts.


Revealing mistake: When Arnie hits the telegraph pole with the red sports car, you can see Rae's "dummy" head go flying off over the windshield


Revealing mistake: In the close-up, Matrix is seen grabbing a balloon, but in the wide-angle he is swinging himself grabbed to some sort of safety harness and wire in the balloon.


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Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Matrix grabs the phone booth, it has no screws or wires connecting it to the floor, wall or anywhere. Furthermore, the only spark it produces starts a metre away from the booth.


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Revealing mistake: When Matrix sends Sully to his death by dropping him off the edge of the cliff, in the shot of Sully falling it is an obvious dummy.

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Revealing mistake: When Matrix jumps off the plane's front landing gear, in the first shot of him jumping, if you look very closely you can see that Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double is black.


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Revealing mistake: During the airport scene involving the thug, Cindy and Matrix, the same extras are seen walking around the place over and over again.

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Revealing mistake: When Cindy and Matrix enter the parking lot, Matrix / Arnold's stand-in is very noticeable, haircut and colour completely different.


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Arius: Your father appears to be cooperating. You will be back with him soon. Won't that be nice?
Jenny: Not as nearly as nice as watching him smash your face in.



After chasing down Sully, the yellow Porsche is totally wrecked on the left side, until Arnie drives it away, and it's fine. Later, when Arnie and Cindy arrive at the hotel, the car is wrecked again.



When Col. John Matrix is with Cooke in the motel, Matrix says the famous phrase: "I eat green berets for breakfast." This was a reference to Sylvester Stallone, who played a Green Beret in the Rambo movies.