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Continuity mistake: Rae fires a rocket at the police van, first she fires it back to front then the second time she fires it correctly only this time she is knocked back by the recoil, why wasn't she affected the first time and pushed forward? Also there should be no recoil with a rocket launch. (00:57:10)

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Suggested correction: She was pushed forward against the front windshield which kept her upright whereas when firing it the right way she was thrown backward into the back seat. And rocket launchers will have some measure of recoil from the propulsion of the rocket firing out of the front of the launcher, how much depends on the time and force of the rockets being firing as every weapon has some form of recoil from firing.

Rocket launchers don't have the recoil you think. The propulsion of the rocket firing out of the front is countered by the gases expelling out the back behind the shooter. But if she was pushed forward (which she's not), her waist was above the top of the windshield, so the top of her body would should still lean over, even if it didn't cause her to topple over like she does with the seat.


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Continuity mistake: When Matrix first rips out the seat of Cindy's car and sits in its spot, his body sits very low to the the bottom of the car. You can even see in the next scene that his head is clearly lower than Cindy's. However, during the chase scene, his head is level with Cindy's. (00:29:55)

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Suggested correction: Matrix is over 6 feet whereas Cindy is under 6 feet and sitting in a car seat. The difference in standing height would make them closer to even headed when sitting in the vehicle with her in the seat and him on the floorboards.

Continuity mistake: On Matrix and Cindy's way flying to an island to rescue his daughter, they flew west. Yet, prior to arriving at the island, the sun was seen rising. Did they travel around the world? (01:04:40)

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Suggested correction: The explanation is that they simply went to far side of the island and approached it out of the west to approach a secluded spot of the island to minimize detection by an soldiers on the island allowing Matrix to infiltrate the island undetected.

Revealing mistake: The scene with the shack has many mistakes, but only if you play it in slow-mo. First, he throws the circular saw at the guy in the window, the saw is moving on wires and he has a hairpiece someone just pulls off with a wire. The next guy he stabs with a pitchfork, and Arnie just lightly stabs him and the guy falls forward holding onto the pitchfork to make it look as though he was stabbed. Arnie then throws a saw at a guy hitting him in the chest. The guy actually just catches the saw in his arms in a way to make you think he got hit. Then Arnie swings some sort of gardening tool into the genitles of a man, but he actually stops it before it hits the guy and the thug just holds onto the handle. Finally, Arnie hacks off the forearm of a another man. You can tell that his arm was fake from the elbow on. (01:15:15)

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Suggested correction: According to this site's rules, if you have to use slow motion to see something, it's not a valid mistake.

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Continuity mistake: At the very end of the film. When the 3 helicopters and the seaplane come into land, it is quite a wide shot, with no boats visible. A few minutes later, when the seaplane takes off again, a big white boat is near the coast. Even if the boat was off camera during the landing scene, a few minutes was surely not enough to get that far, and that close to the shore. (01:20:30)

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Sully: Here's twenty dollars to get some beers in Val Verde. It'll give us all a little more time with your daughter.
Henriques: Heh.
Matrix: You're a funny man, Sully, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.

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Question: Why were members of John's former team given new identities?

Answer: Possibly so any surviving enemies they encountered on previous missions and or tours of duty couldn't hunt them down and kill them for revenge.

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