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Continuity mistake: When Rain tries the door on the train and fails, we see her face and her hair has 2 strands on one side of her face. Camera changes and now she's got 1 strand. (00:16:50)

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Resident Evil mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The guy states that the room is sealed and his facial expression is one of panic. Camera cuts and now he's facing a different way and his expression has changed completely. (00:05:20)

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Resident Evil mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When we see a CGI map of The Hive right before the Laser Room, the 3D thermal camera reveals a very rigidly stood up human body looking through the door's small window. When the camera cuts and we actually see Alice look through the window, she's slightly bent down so her head is on window level since she's taller. It's quite possible the CGI team just didn't spend more time than necessary to move the thermal human model's limbs and kept it in an almost default T-stance position. (00:29:30)

Resident Evil mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the elevator starts to drop from floor 10, the floor indicator says 7, but a moment later it counts down from 9. (00:06:05)

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Other mistake: In the beginning when Spence breaks the T-Virus vial, its fumes can be seen entering the ventilation system from holes on the wall. Shortly after though, when Dr. Blue, Dr. Brown and Dr. Green are trapped in the flooded room, the former of them claims it is "sealed." (00:03:05)


Audio problem: Near the middle. When Matt is searching through the office room where his sister Lisa worked, you can hear his shoes clicking as if he is on a hard surface floor, but the floor is covered in carpet throughout the office. (00:49:00)


Continuity mistake: When Alice and Matt run to meet up with Spencer, Kaplen, and Rain, Alice screams "Don't shoot!" and Spencer, Matt, and Alice try to close the door from the zombies. A zombie then grabs the inner part of Spencer's arm, then a shot moves showing the zombie holding onto Spencer's arm from the bottom, then back to the inner part. (00:55:45)

Factual error: When Alice has the pistol she got from the zombie she took out, she uses it to do away with the zombie dogs. As she fires the last of the rounds, the camera looks down to follow the fall of the casing. As it falls, it's on a slight tilt, about 5°. Physics says that it will bounce and tumble on the floor after it hits, then come to rest. Instead, when it hits, it immediately goes to a rest position with little movement. (00:48:20)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Matt pulls Alice into the mansion at the beginning of the movie and the SWAT team comes through the windows, the main SWAT member pulls Alice aside and asks for her report. If you watch the scene Alice has one arm at her side and one across her chest. A split second later it shows her reflected in the eye lenses on the SWAT member's mask and Alice has her arms crossed in front of her. Another split second later they show Alice again and her arms are in the original position. (00:13:35)

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Rain: She bit me man! I mean she took a chunk clean right out of me!

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Trivia: The picture on the computer of the hive looks like an upside down umbrella and the name of the corporation who own the hive is ... the Umbrella corporation.

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