Resident Evil

Other mistake: When the train arrives back under the mansion from the Hive, it enters the station from the wrong direction. Looking at the track from the platform, the train comes in from right to left, when it should be from left to right. (01:27:20)

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Other mistake: Watch Milla Jojovich's hair during the scene when they are held at gunpoint by Spence. Her hair moves from shot to shot. For the most obvious, watch right after Spence shoots the zombie. (01:15:25)

Other mistake: During the scene with the laser, the laser moves along the floor where the EMP device is located, several times. However, when Kaplan and Alice enter the room, the bag with the EMP unit is still intact. (00:31:15)


Other mistake: Why does Rain get out her torch and hold it with her teeth before climbing under the train? It would have been easier to leave it in her pocket until after she climbed down. We also see, when she is working, that it has a device on the end for gripping it properly with your teeth (called a Lite Bite, I believe). Yet earlier she chooses to grip it by the barrel. Try it with a mini Maglite. It's not comfortable. (00:15:50)

Other mistake: In the beginning when Spence breaks the T-Virus vial, its fumes can be seen entering the ventilation system from holes on the wall. Shortly after though, when Dr. Blue, Dr. Brown and Dr. Green are trapped in the flooded room, the former of them claims it is "sealed." (00:03:05)

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, Milla Jovovich reads a note that has been left on the desk. She didn't write it, as they demonstrate in the film. However, when they do show the person who wrote the note composing it, the handwriting is different from that in the note from the earlier scene. (00:10:20 - 01:12:25)

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Rain: She bit me man! I mean she took a chunk clean right out of me!

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Trivia: The picture on the computer of the hive looks like an upside down umbrella and the name of the corporation who own the hive is ... the Umbrella corporation.

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