The Birds

The Birds (1963)

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Continuity mistake: When we see Melanie sitting with Cathy on the couch, as Mitch checks the windows, the coffee table with the coffee pot on it is between them and the ash tray on the table to the left of the brown chair. Later when Cathy asks, "Mitch, can I bring the lovebirds in here?" we see the ash tray and plenty of space to the right of Cathy but the coffee pot has been moved out of the way for this shot.

01:36:50 - 01:37:20


Audio problem: When we first see Melanie play the piano, the melody line that we hear is not what she's playing with her right hand.



Continuity mistake: The card for Cathy that Melanie places on the birdcage changes position between shots. At first it's up against the center of the birdcage then in the next shot it's been moved to the right.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie takes the Kleenex out of her pocketbook we can see the latch facing away from her. She doesn't touch it again but near the middle of this scene, as she holds the cotton on her head, the pocketbook is reversed with the latch facing her.

00:27:10 - 00:28:50


Continuity mistake: Before the birds fly out of the fireplace the pillow that Melanie is sitting on is behind her back. She doesn't touch it but after she gets up the pillow is against the side of the couch.



Continuity mistake: In the living room when Melanie puts the cage down, the left side extends over the edge of the seat. In the next shot as she puts the card next to it, the cage doesn't extend over the edge of the seat anymore.



Continuity mistake: Melanie closes the door of the phone booth with her right hand pushed up against the window, and in the next shot her right hand is tucked up close to her body touching the center of the phone booth door. While inside, Melanie goes from leaning against the door to leaning against the opposite window between shots.



Deliberate mistake: The dummy consumed in the fireball is much shorter than the actor it doubles for.



Continuity mistake: When Melanie walks up the dock to Mitch's house there's a tower (to the left of her head) on the far side of Bodega bay. Two shots later a sailboat appears on the other side of the bay, slightly to the left of the tower, that wasn't there before.



Continuity mistake: As Annie goes back to sit down on her couch she says, "Then one weekend he invited me up to meet Lydia". The silver box in front of the three-pronged lamp on her table moves between shots.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie plays the piano, the shadow of the picture of her father on the wall gets longer and shorter between shots.



Continuity mistake: The position of Melanie's car has changed from when she first parked it in front of Annie's house. At first the rear wheels are adjacent to the steps, but later they've been moved back slightly so the front seat is adjacent to the steps for Annie to lean in when they speak.



Continuity mistake: When Melanie explains that she can't go to the party because she has to go back to San Francisco, Cathy's right hand changes position between shots.



Continuity mistake: When Melanie says to the store manager, "The little girl's name," a bunch of items appear to the right of the store manager, one named "Magic Puzzle," that weren't there in the previous shot.



Continuity mistake: The stuff inside Mitch's barn is lit differently and moved between shots.

00:22:05 - 00:22:40


Continuity mistake: The gas station fire in front of the pumps becomes much worse between shots as Melanie watches it from the phone booth.



Continuity mistake: After Mitch and Melanie walk past the door that says, "Out to Lunch," look at the numbers on the front of the boat behind them you'll see that they change between shots.



Revealing mistake: As Melanie drives up to Bodega Bay the birds are supposed to lean as the car goes around corners but the mechanism for the bird on the right gets stuck and reacts slower than the bird on the left.



Continuity mistake: In the long shot as Lydia drives up to Mr. Faucet's farm the small structure in front of the building on the far right has four windows. As she parks the truck, we see that structure only has two windows.



Continuity mistake: After Annie pours Melanie a brandy the upper part of the wall behind her and to her right darkens considerably between shots and no lights have been touched.



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