The Birds

The Birds (1963)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Cathy brings a pot of coffee into the dining room, you can see several bright studio lights reflected in it throughout this scene, and you can also briefly see the reflection of someone's arm moving about on it.


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Continuity mistake: As they start off going up to the restaurant for help two large brown crates appear out of nowhere on the dock behind them to the left of the screen.



Continuity mistake: In her room as Melanie walks past the mirror the first time there is nothing on the upper wooden ledge in front of the glass. As she walks back from the window there's plenty of stuff there.



Continuity mistake: After the birds break the window, Mitch tries to close the shutter and they peck at his left hand bloodying it up. In the next shot as he finally gets the shutter closed there's no blood on his hands. After this he ties the window shut with the cord from the lamp and the blood on his hands is back again.



Continuity mistake: The children pass the cream-colored station wagon parked across from the white picket fence as they run down the hill. But you can tell by looking at the rear fins that it's a different car than the one Melanie brings the two children into several shots later.



Continuity mistake: As Lydia walks through Mr. Faucet's door her pocketbook is brown. We get several other good looks at it as she walks into the house and down the hall and it's now black.



Visible crew/equipment: When Melanie asks Annie if she can use her phone the reflection of a crew member behind her can be seen moving in the window of the house across the street.



Revealing mistake: As Mitch is about to pick up Annie's dead body, you can see her left foot move slightly.



Continuity mistake: Mitch walks out of Annie's house and his shirt gets dirtier between shots. It's cleaner by the time they get inside Melanie's car.



Continuity mistake: Mitch runs up and opens Annie's door in order to get Cathy from the house. The door is not wide open when they walk away. When Mitch walks back and puts his coat over Annie's body even though no one went near it, the door has been opened as far as possible and is now flush with the wall behind it on the right.



Continuity mistake: After Mitch closes the shutters, the chair from the desk pushed further away to the left of where Lydia and Cathy are sitting and they haven't moved it or moved from where they were sitting.



Continuity mistake: The front of and a lock of hair below Annie's right ear is combed differently between shots as she smokes a cigarette with Melanie and tells her that Mitch's sister's name is Cathy.



Continuity mistake: As they all walk up the steps to have dinner Lydia's sweater is rearranged. The button on the right side of it disappears under her collar between shots.



Continuity mistake: In his bedroom when Lydia sees Mr. Faucet's body with his eyes pecked out. Watch very closely and you can see his left foot move.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie, Mitch and Cathy walk to her car, after finding Annie dead, watch the rungs of the steering wheel. As they get into the car it's been turned to the left between shots and Mitch hasn't touched it.



Continuity mistake: The pet shop cashier changes positions between shots as Melanie approaches her. At first she has her back to the cash register, then it's at her right side.



Continuity mistake: When Melanie parks in front of the general store, a loose hose is hanging down from the front of her car. In the next scene as she drives directly up to Annie's, the hose is gone.

00:12:30 - 00:15:40


Continuity mistake: In the pet shop before Melanie writes down Mitch's license number, an ashtray is right next to the phone. She never touches it but the next time we see it, it's behind the phone.



Continuity mistake: The napkin that Cathy has under her plate changes position and becomes more spread out between shots as the birds fly out of the fireplace.



Continuity mistake: The shot of Mitch's house across the bay that the store manager shows Melanie is a matte drawing and doesn't look anything like the house we eventually see (no tall structure behind it, no long road that Mitch uses to meet Melanie on the other side of the bay, and no low treeless hills behind the barn).



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