The Birds

The Birds (1963)

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Continuity mistake: The body of the gas station attendant moves to the left between shots, as Mitch runs to help him, and Mitch's position changes after he runs to help.



Continuity mistake: At the beginning, before Melanie walks behind the newsstand, it's an overcast day and she doesn't cast any shadow. As she emerges from the other side of the newsstand she casts several shadows against the wall and floor. The other people walking in front of the pet store are also casting shadows in several different directions. Throughout the film there are numerous changes regarding the casting of shadows between shots.



Visible crew/equipment: When Melanie walks out the door carrying the tray with the tea pot on it you can see a reflection of the stage lighting for the entire shot.



Continuity mistake: When Annie turns to look at Lydia coming out of the house there are no shadows against the side of the house where the door is. In the next shot there's a shadow of a balloon there and the shadows on the back wall are spaced closer together.



Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Mitch catches the yellow bird under his hat take a good look at the injury (subungual hematoma) he has under his left thumb nail. It takes weeks for these to go away, but Mitch's is gone when we see his left thumb again as he holds Melanie in the kitchen.



Continuity mistake: Before Lydia walks up to Mr. Faucet's door the day is overcast with no sunlight shining underneath his porch. As she walks through the door it looks as though she's in bright sunlight with her shadow casts on the screen door.



Continuity mistake: As Lydia sits in her bed and says to Melanie, "I don't think I can bear to be left alone" watch the picture behind the door to the right of Melanie. The shadow of the door on the picture changes from the right to left between shots.



Continuity mistake: On top of the hill Melanie spills a drop of her drink on her green skirt. It's on her right leg six inches below the bottom of her jacket. The action doesn't stop, but three minutes later the stain is gone.

00:48:40 - 00:51:25


Audio problem: As Melanie parks in front of Annie's house the audio of her car engine is not in sync with the film. The engine sound stops before the exhaust stops coming out of her tail pipe and she eventually pops the clutch to stop the engine from running on.



Continuity mistake: As the birds gather on the monkey bars behind Melanie she looks to her right and straight up and sees one lone bird flying past a television antenna. This is incorrect because first of all she's looking up to high and second we've seen in that direction and there is no house there, just a hill. The house is across the street.

01:11:10 - 01:33:05


Continuity mistake: Mrs. Bundy's handkerchief in the left pocket of her jacket changes from when we first see her walk into the restaurant. Then when the drunk at the bar starts reciting from the Bible, her handkerchief almost disappears and then reappears several shots later.



Continuity mistake: As everyone runs into the house there are four neat stacks of paper cups around the punch bowl. When we saw this spot before there were only two cups around the punch bowl and most of the other paper cups were stacked on trays and knocked over as a bird plowed into them.



Continuity mistake: Lydia is holding her glove in her right hand and her pocketbook in her left as she walks into Mr. Faucet's room. The pocketbook never switches hands but when she runs out, she drops both of them from her right hand.



Continuity mistake: After Melanie hangs up the phone she sits and ponders whether to go to Cathy's party, on the desk to the left of the phone is the cigarette lighter that Annie left there before after she lit her cigarette. Next to it is a pack of cigarettes that she didn't leave there before. If you look closely earlier as she takes the cigarette out of the pack in the left pocket of her nightgown the lighter is in her right hand, the cigarette in her left and the pack stays in her pocket.



Continuity mistake: The flashlight is aiming right at the doorknob before Melanie walks into the room. In the next shot, as she walks through the door (before they turn the spotlight on) there's no light because the flashlight is off and isn't pointing at the doorknob.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie drives up the main street of Bodega Bay a kid on a bike appears riding behind her between shots. He wasn't there in the previous shot when they show her behind the steering wheel and we can see back behind her car.



Continuity mistake: When we first see Melanie talking to her father the phone is pushed right up against the edge of the bar. The next time we see it's at a 45-degree angle to the side of the bar and no one has touched it.



Continuity mistake: At Mr. Faucet's house, both doors that Lydia walks through are blue but after she walks in the door is white.



Continuity mistake: In an earlier scene as Melanie plays the piano and Cathy stands there look closely at the drapes on her left. In that scene the drapes were right up against the edge of the wall, now as Mitch checks the windows before the last attacks they're pushed back several feet.



Revealing mistake: The birds on the floorboard of Melanie's car are fake. If you look closely at the one on the right it wobbles like a toy as she's driving.



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