The Birds

The Birds (1963)

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Continuity mistake: As Lydia walks up to Mr. Faucet's room, the hallway is dark except for the light coming through the door. The sunlight on the floor is much wider than the window of the door in front of her and there's no evidence of any light fixture above her or her hair would be lit up.



Continuity mistake: As Lydia carries the birthday cake out from the house the position of the vine growing on the pole on the right jumps from right to left between shots.



Continuity mistake: In the upstairs bedroom attack the first blackbird scratches Melanie's face and her left hand goes from pointing upward to pointing across her face between shots.



Continuity mistake: As Mitch leaves the house to get Melanie's car in the garage the large brown wooden chair that has been to the right of the door throughout the movie has disappeared.



Continuity mistake: After finding Mr. Faucet's body, Lydia gets back in her truck through the passenger side door. Notice that the window is rolled up and the side vent window is shut tight. Seconds later we see her inside the truck with the window rolled down and the vent window tilted open.



Continuity mistake: When Mitch returns from the garage, the blood stain on Melanie's head is about an inch lower that it was before when Lydia put the bandage on it.



Audio problem: Before Melanie starts off across the bay we hear the boat keeper start the boat's engine. But this is only an over-dub, the engine's not really running as there's no turbulence behind the boat like in the next two shots.



Continuity mistake: At the party Melanie grabs a girl from the birds, but when they all run into the house Mitch is now carrying the same girl.

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Continuity mistake: As Annie and Melanie speak about how they met Mitch, watch the shadow move down the front door. A considerable amount of time has gone by between shots.



Continuity mistake: The signature on the card that Melanie signs to Cathy in the close-up on the hood of the car is different when she leaves it leaning on the birdcage at Mitch's house. The "Y" at the end of her name is different on the two envelopes.



Audio problem: When the uptight mom asks how to get to San Francisco the guy at the bar that offers to take her lifts his glass up to take a drink and then we hear the overdub of the ice jangling in the glass. The jangling continues into the next shot after the glass is stationary and no longer near his lips.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie talks to her father on the phone, Mrs. Bundy walks into the restaurant and an ash tray that Melanie and Deke didn't touch appears right next to the phone between shots.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie holds out her right hand to shield the boy in the white jacket we get a really good close-up of his neck. It was bleeding three shots ago as a crow was attacking him but now it's not.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie rings Annie's doorbell, there's a distinct reflection in the door. Later when Annie walks up onto the porch there's no reflection in the window of the door because they've been removed.



Continuity mistake: When Lydia comes outside with Cathy's cake, the door behind her is open halfway, but later when the birds attack, you can see the door is now closed completely.

00:49:45 - 00:50:45

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Continuity mistake: When Melanie is walking up to the counter in the bird shop she has a black purse in her hands. In one shot she is walking to the counter with her purse in her hands, but in the following shot, her purse is laying on the counter and is now taking off her gloves.


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Continuity mistake: At the party the tablecloth is blowing under the table in the long shot as everyone runs toward the house. In the next shot as they enter the house it's not blowing and there is no wind at all.



Continuity mistake: As they all leave the house and walk through the door, there's a distinctive gash in the door post to the right of Lydia's head. When Mitch goes back to get Cathy and the lovebirds it's not there.

01:56:55 - 01:57:50


Continuity mistake: Lydia's expression as she rests her head on Melanie's changes from a warm smile to a stern look between shots.



Continuity mistake: As the birds are flying around the house we see in the close-up that the fireplace has three logs. The right half of the log in the middle moves up onto the log in the front between shots.



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