The Birds

The Birds (1963)

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Continuity mistake: As Mitch says to Melanie, "Ah, but I know you," at first he's looking straight at her but then his head is tilted to the right between shots.



Continuity mistake: As the birds on the floorboard of Melanie's car lean to the right you hear her shift the car, but she doesn't touch the shifter or take her foot off the gas pedal.



Continuity mistake: When Mitch unwraps the cotton to put peroxide on Melanie's cut, the ashtray on the table is empty. Mitch never lets the piece of cotton out of his fingers until he has Melanie hold it on her head, and no one else touches the cotton on the table, yet near the end of the scene another used piece of cotton appears in the ashtray.

00:27:15 - 00:28:50


Continuity mistake: As everyone runs out of the restaurant the fire is close to the telephone booth. In a previous shot when we saw the fire heading towards the gas station it was right next to the building on the other side of the road.



Continuity mistake: A bird pops some balloons as it flies through the gazebo. In the next shot a bird chases a boy in a blue suit and we see the gazebo again but we don't see the first bird fly out.



Continuity mistake: When Mitch puts the bird he caught back in its cage, the cage to the right of Melanie as she walked in has been removed so it won't interfere with the camera's field of view.



Continuity mistake: When she pulls out the letter to Mitch, we see inside Melanie's prop pocketbook and it's empty. Later in the movie she's able to pull whatever she needs out of it on a moment's notice.

00:10:15 - 00:26:55


Continuity mistake: Melanie is sitting and she reaches for the flashlight on the coffee table. In the next shot, as she picks it up, she's standing.



Continuity mistake: The crew moves Mr. Faucet's body between shots. His right foot is moved under the bed and the pattern of the rug underneath his feet is the tip off.



Continuity mistake: As they talk on the top of the hill about what Melanie does for a living, her drink is lowered between shots.



Continuity mistake: As Mitch picks up Melanie and swings her around we get a good look at the cut on her left shin. In the next shot, as he carries her down the stairs, the cut is totally different with much more blood there.



Continuity mistake: Lydia sits up in her bed and weeps, "Forgive me, this business with the birds has upset me," and the white chair moves about a foot to the left of where we saw it before without being touched by them.



Continuity mistake: On the hill as Melanie talks to Mitch about her mother, the back of her collar changes between shots.



Continuity mistake: As Mitch and Melanie walk down the hill he's behind her and they're not touching. In the next shot he has his left hand behind her.



Audio problem: After the gull hits her in the head, Melanie says to Mitch, "Yes, I think so," but her mouth does not go along with what she's saying.



Continuity mistake: When Lydia recalls Mr. Faucet's face, the chair on the left is casting a very dark shadow against the wall that wasn't there before when Melanie brought the tea in.



Visible crew/equipment: During the final bird attack Lydia and Kathy stand in the kitchen door and the shadow of a crew member in the kitchen can be seen moving on the wall behind them.



Continuity mistake: The picture frame on the left of Annie's desk has been moved from when we first saw it. It's been turned in slightly and moved away from the lamp at the end of the scene.



Continuity mistake: When the birds start to attack again Mitch starts to run out of the restaurant and the old drunk at the bar is asleep. In the next shot of Mitch at the door he's suddenly awake.



Continuity mistake: As they talk to the policeman Lydia rearranges the picture of her father above the piano. In the next shot a black bird appears next to the fallen statue on the left that wasn't there before.



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