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The Birds presents a quiet community by a bay where its normally placid avian population inexplicably grows violent and driven to relentlessly attack the humans present! Suspenseful and frightening in vision, The Birds remains a very effective horror-thriller classic even decades later as men, women and children are all vividly harried by the homicidal creatures! Hitchcock flips the script from mundane to monstrous, tranquil to terrifying! Watch for Tippi Hedren as a young fashionable woman who is caught in up in the nightmare, Jessica Tandy as an overbearing mother who's own fears threaten to strangle her household, Rod Taylor as her devoted son, and then-child Veronica Cartwright as innocent Cathy, who ironically receives two lovebirds just as the rest of the bird-kind become a threat! A must-see for Hitchcock fans, horror enthusiasts and film students alike.

Erik M.

Visible crew/equipment: As Melanie drives up to have dinner at Mitch's the reflection of the cameraman on the inside of the window can be seen moving in the upper left hand portion of the screen. (00:32:10)


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Trivia: When we see the school children running away from the birds, they were actually running on a treadmill with Bodega Bay footage added in the background.

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Question: What's making the birds go insane and attack people?

Answer: It is never explained, probably because it would ruin the mystery of the film to spell it out.

Answer: None of the characters knew why the birds attacked, or the reason it was confined to the one town of Bodega Bay. The incident was so isolated that the outside news media was barely aware it was occurring or knew its severity, so there was no investigation into it at the time. Alfred Hitchc0ck's explanation was that the birds were rising up against humans to punish them for taking nature for granted.

raywest Premium member

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