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The Birds presents a quiet community by a bay where its normally placid avian population inexplicably grows violent and driven to relentlessly attack the humans present! Suspenseful and frightening in vision, The Birds remains a very effective horror-thriller classic even decades later as men, women and children are all vividly harried by the homicidal creatures! Hitchcock flips the script from mundane to monstrous, tranquil to terrifying! Watch for Tippi Hedren as a young fashionable woman who is caught in up in the nightmare, Jessica Tandy as an overbearing mother who's own fears threaten to strangle her household, Rod Taylor as her devoted son, and then-child Veronica Cartwright as innocent Cathy, who ironically receives two lovebirds just as the rest of the bird-kind become a threat! A must-see for Hitchcock fans, horror enthusiasts and film students alike.

Erik M.

Visible crew/equipment: As Melanie drives up to have dinner at Mitch's the reflection of the cameraman on the inside of the window can be seen moving in the upper left hand portion of the screen. (00:32:10)


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Trivia: There is no then-usual "THE END" title card as Alfred Hitchcock wanted to imply that the terror would continue without end.

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Question: When the birds attack the town a gas station attendant is hit by a bird and drops the gas hose he is using to fill a car. The gasoline flows down the street and under a car; a man drops a match and lights the gas causing an explosion. Why didn't the gas pump shut off when the man dropped it?

michael g

Answer: The movie takes place in the 1960s, so presumably gas pumps worked a bit differently back then. There may not have been automatic shut-offs, or if there was, it was faulty.

raywest Premium member

The automatic shut off is in the handle of the hose. When a person grips the handle they have to lift a levered switch to allow gas flow; the lever is spring loaded so that if it is released the gas will stop flowing. I have looked at older antique gas pumps and they are all the same; even the visible glass gravity flow ones. If that hose was dropped the the gas should have stopped flowing.

michael g

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