You Only Live Twice

Continuity mistake: When Hans pulls the bone from the water with the piranhas - in the first clip, from the way the string moves you can see that the bone must have cleared the water. But in the next clip it is still below the water.

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: When one of the ninjas places an explosive charge on the bottom of the fake crater lake roof it wobbles and can be seen its made of plastic - even though Bond earlier said it was metal.

Jacob La Cour

Audio problem: When the Sumo wrestler gives Bond his ticket he says, 'This is your ticket', but his lips don't move.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film when the ninjas are coming down the ropes to storm the volcano base, you can clearly see one coming down who has bullet holes riddled in his back - but is still alive.

Revealing mistake: Look closely at the device Bond is using to open Osato's safe. Before he presses the button to reveal the individual number you can see what the number is going to be.


Continuity mistake: When Bond begins to make his way towards the rooms where the American and Russian astronauts are being held captive the announcer in the control room says interception will take place in two hours but then barely a minute or so later the announcer says "100 minutes." Somehow twenty minutes disappeared in just the time it took Bond to hide in the tram car.


Other mistake: When Blofeld blows up the crater at the end we see a shot of lava coming out of the top of the crater, but then we see a shot of the inside of the crater with all the bodies and barrels there is no lava. So where is the lava at the top of the crater coming from?


Revealing mistake: When Bond notices the safe while looking at the mirror inside the liquor closet he turns around to look at the actual safe and the same shot seen in the mirror is used for Bond's point of view.


Plot hole: In order to stop the Spectre spacecraft, Bond dresses up as a Spectre astronaut and tries to sneak on board. But why didn't he just waylay all 3 Spectre astronauts, which would have scuttled the mission? Instead he just waylays 1 which allows the mission to continue.

Factual error: When 007 is briefed inside the submarine, there would be no space available to have spacious offices, wooden desks, and book shelves. Most of the space within a sub would be taken up by the equipment necessary for it to function. In addition, such features (desks, chairs, etc.) would add a considerable amount of weight and be difficult to get inside in the sub in the first place.


Continuity mistake: The girl drives away from the wrestling arena sitting in the right seat, but when she drives up to the hotel she's sitting in the left seat. Either a flipped shot or a different vehicle.

Revealing mistake: When Bond exits the room after his meeting with M aboard the submarine, he slams the door, causing the whole wall to move.

Revealing mistake: When Helga traps Bond with a smoke-bomb and wooden restraint in the plane before jumping out to safety, you can see the wooden restraint has a pre-made crack down the centre when Bond eventually breaks loose.

Continuity mistake: When the hired thug is driving a disguised Bond to the Osato Building, the thug looks back at him. The forward view does not show the hood, wheel or dash of the car. After he goes back to driving, Bond peeks up to see where they're going, and now you can see the dash, and wheel. Also, when the thug looks around, the mirror shows only a blurred image of Bond, not the face and back of the thug's head. As Bond sees the building, the camera can now see only the thug's reflection in the mirror. Finally, they were in a downtown area with no dead end in sight. Then suddenly, there's the building. With no turns, that's a fast moving car.

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Continuity mistake: In the fight scene in the Osato building, Bond uses a couch as a battering ram against the guy that carried him in. After the third hit, Bond drops the couch after the attacker flips over it onto the floor. The next moment, he has the couch up ram-style, and the other man is back up, in the place where he can be hit again, a good five feet from where he was on the floor on his back.

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Revealing mistake: When the camera goes to pan to Tanaka and Bond, watch the monitors behind them. The pictures don't stay within the frames of TV spheres, meaning they're animations poorly edited in.

Audio problem: When Bond is talking to Henderson, the man suddenly goes rigid. Bond discovers a knife in the man's back, and crashes through the door to get the murderer. When he does, there's a sound of breaking glass, yet there was no glass, broken or otherwise.

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Continuity mistake: In several shots during the final battle the crater cover is translucent. But if it is made of metal, it can't be translucent.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: When an attempt to kill Bond by poison is made, a long string hangs from the ceiling. The drop of poison falls on Aki's lips. In the next shot, the string is gone. It would have taken time to pull up again, and it didn't fall on to the bed.

Jacob La Cour

Tiger Tanaka: I must say I am disappointed with the ease with which I could pull you in. The one thing my honourable mother taught me long ago was never to get into a car with a strange girl. But you, I'm afraid, will get into anything. With any girl.

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Trivia: German actress Karin Dor almost suffered decapitation by the helicopter rotors in the scene where she and the actor playing Osata meet Bond for the first time. Only an attentive crewman, who shouted a warning at her, prevented it.

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