You Only Live Twice

Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie James Bond is on a submarine underwater in Hong Kong harbor. Then, he is launched from a torpedo tube and is in Tokyo shortly afterwards. It's 1,800 miles from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

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Suggested correction: Bond is on a submarine that has the capability of traveling from Hong Kong to Tokyo. Bond's meeting with M is even interrupted with an announcement that they're about to get underway. There's also a cut from Bond leaving M's office to Bond in a wetsuit preparing to exit the sub through the torpedo tube, a cut that could encompass the time period the sub took Bond into Japanese waters.


It takes several days for any submarine to travel one thousand eight hundred miles. There is no way, no how that submarine could have traveled 1,800 miles in a few hours. Not even the Disco Volante hydrofoil from Thunderball could have traveled 1,800 miles in a few hours, let alone a submarine traveling underwater.

Continuity mistake: When Blofeld is just about to shoot Bond with a Webley & Scott Mk. IV revolver in .455 Webley caliber, Blofeld's hand is hit with a ninja throwing star. However, the gun he drops isn't the Webley, but a Smith & Wesson .38 Special.

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Tiger Tanaka: I must say I am disappointed with the ease with which I could pull you in. The one thing my honourable mother taught me long ago was never to get into a car with a strange girl. But you, I'm afraid, will get into anything. With any girl.

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Trivia: Akiko Wakabayashi (Aki) couldn't drive a car. In the sequence outside Osata's office, the illusion of her driving was created by six strong crewmembers pulling the car with a cable.

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