You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Aki drives James to see Tiger and when she collects him from Osato Chemicals, her car changes from left hand to right hand drive as the camera follows them along.

You Only Live Twice mistake picture

Revealing mistake: The volcano erupting is an obvious composite of at least two images: an explosion on a mountain and lava flowing. The cut-out footage of the lava is blatantly evident for one can see the outline of the pasted film, which has a lighter colour than the mountain's.


You Only Live Twice mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Bond starts flying the Nelly there's a close-up of him where a thick white outline appears around revealing his body has been cut-out and pasted on the flying footage. Problem is... his arm was erased. One might think it's an optical illusion caused by the visor but you can actually see the mountain right where his arm is supposed to be.


You Only Live Twice mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Bond destroys the two helicopters there are two thin wires above running along the screen, seemingly where they hung the scale models from.


Plot hole: Blofeld tells the bad guys that they had Bond and let him get away. The woman says, "But Bond is dead. It was in all the papers." As we saw in a paper near the start, there was a well-publicised photo of Bond, and when she met him he wasn't using any kind of disguise, so how did she not recognise him if she'd seen the papers?

Jon Sandys

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MoneyPenny: Oh, by the way, how was the girl?
James Bond: Which girl?
MoneyPenny: The Chinese one we fixed you up with.
James Bond: Oh, another five minutes, I'd have found out.
MoneyPenny: She'll never know what she missed.

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Trivia: Akiko Wakabayashi (Aki) couldn't drive a car. In the sequence outside Osata's office, the illusion of her driving was created by six strong crew members pulling the car with a cable.

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