You Only Live Twice

Other mistake: When James Bond is in Tanaka's underground train enjoying the sake wine. One servant enters saying that the photograph is ready for viewing. This servant then walks to the door, which is on the left-hand side of the carriage. After going through the door, we can see the servant taking a left turn, but where to? Outside the moving train? (00:30:50)

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Other mistake: During the shooting scene in the false volcano: We see a man on a bridge being shot and he falls on the rail and down. About a minute later, they show the same shot.

Other mistake: When the goons car is carried off to sea by the helicopter, Bond can watch the helicopter on the screen in Aki's car. But where is that camera mounted? On a camera plane?

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Other mistake: During the Little Nellie helicopter battle scene, the same footage of enemy copters being destroyed is used three times.

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Other mistake: When Bond arrives on the island with the fake volcano, Kissy tells him that nothing unusual has happened there, except the death of a diving girl when she ventured into a cave. Even if the construction of the launch facility in the volcano had been kept secret it would have been impossible to launch the large rocket twice without anybody noticing.

Other mistake: Early in the movie, in the shot of the police vehicle screeching to a halt in front of the hotel Bond is staying at you can see a crowd of people huddled together on the sidewalk with a policeman making sure they stay put. (The producers had to order the area in front of the hotel closed off to civilians as a precaution as so no one would get hurt or get in the way of the filming). (00:05:35)

Other mistake: When Blofeld blows up the crater at the end we see a shot of lava coming out of the top of the crater, but then we see a shot of the inside of the crater with all the bodies and barrels there is no lava. So where is the lava at the top of the crater coming from?


Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie James Bond is on a submarine underwater in Hong Kong harbor. Then, he is launched from a torpedo tube and is in Tokyo shortly afterwards. It's 1,800 miles from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

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Suggested correction: Bond is on a submarine that has the capability of traveling from Hong Kong to Tokyo. Bond's meeting with M is even interrupted with an announcement that they're about to get underway. There's also a cut from Bond leaving M's office to Bond in a wetsuit preparing to exit the sub through the torpedo tube, a cut that could encompass the time period the sub took Bond into Japanese waters.


It takes several days for any submarine to travel one thousand eight hundred miles. There is no way, no how that submarine could have traveled 1,800 miles in a few hours. Not even the Disco Volante hydrofoil from Thunderball could have traveled 1,800 miles in a few hours, let alone a submarine traveling underwater.

Continuity mistake: At one point, during the scene with the helicopter dogfight, the tail wing of Bond's mini-copter is riddled with bullet holes (and yet the mini-copter continues to fly very efficiently), but for the rest of the scene, the tail wing is in perfect condition with no sign of the damage done to it. (00:56:40 - 00:58:45)

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MoneyPenny: Oh, by the way, how was the girl?
James Bond: Which girl?
MoneyPenny: The Chinese one we fixed you up with.
James Bond: Oh, another five minutes, I'd have found out.
MoneyPenny: She'll never know what she missed.

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Trivia: Akiko Wakabayashi (Aki) couldn't drive a car. In the sequence outside Osata's office, the illusion of her driving was created by six strong crewmembers pulling the car with a cable.

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