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You Only Live Twice picture

Other mistake: When James Bond is in Tanaka's underground train enjoying the sake wine. One servant enters saying that the photograph is ready for viewing. This servant then walks to the door, which is on the left-hand side of the carriage. After going through the door, we can see the servant taking a left turn, but where to? Outside the moving train? (00:30:50)

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The Dirty Dozen picture

Other mistake: When the Major shoots the rope out from under the slow soldier, the rounds should have gone through the floor but did not. There aren't even marks on the floor.

Ian Hunt
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The Producers picture

Other mistake: After the "fat fat fatty" scene, Franz shoots his way in, starting with three bullets into the door lock. Over the next scene he fires about twelve shots, despite the fact he's firing an 8-shot Luger.

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The War Wagon picture

Other mistake: Bandoleer rounds don't fit any weapon in the show. When Pierce tries the Gatling gun, there is no magazine in it.

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The Fearless Vampire Killers picture

Other mistake: When Krolock ambushes Sarah in her bathtub, he bites her well above the place where the bite marks later show.

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Quatermass and the Pit picture

Other mistake: During the press conference, Dr Roney (James Donald) says they have only found parts of skulls and fragments of bone. However a nearly intact skeleton was uncovered by a workman in an earlier scene.

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Carry On Doctor picture

Other mistake: When Dr Kilmore holds the test tube of Mr Roper's urine sample over the Bunsen burner, the test tube catches fire and Dr Kilmore says he thinks that Mr Roper is producing neat scotch. In the next shot, Dr Kilmore is now holding the test tube which ought to be too hot to touch.

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Robbery picture

Other mistake: When the convoy of getaway vehicles arrive at the scrap yard, after dropping the loot of at the airfield, two of the jeep type vehicles have the same registration number - 247EJF.

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Camelot picture

Other mistake: King Arthur is on the far right of the scene as Guinevere is led away by the guards and he nods at someone off camera, asking them if it's OK to start acting as the camera moves around.

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Barefoot in the Park picture

Other mistake: After a night of drinking ouzo, Corie asks Victor if she'll have much of a hangover, not having drunk ouzo before. Victor says no the hangover, but she won't be able to make a fist for 3 days, and when she tries, she can't make a fist, but seconds before Victor spoke, Corie did make a fist, a big one.

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The Viking Queen picture

Other mistake: Salina speaks differently from everyone else due to actress Carita being Finnish and not disguising her accent.

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