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Corrected entry: When the horse Phillipe comes back, Belle is on a grass covered hill far away from the house. When she takes the machine off of Phillipe, the machine is still in the cart and the brown cover is on. Later in the film, when Belle and Maurice are stuck in the cover, Chip sees this machine and it is much closer to the house, the grass on the field is gone, the machine is out of the cart and the cover is no longer there.

Correction: Maurice is home after he's released from the Beast's castle and before he returns to try to rescue Belle. He could have moved it.


Corrected entry: During the "Be Our Guest" song, the spoons all jump into a pink dessert and they all have napkins tied around themselves. When they surface again, the napkins are gone.

Correction: Right before they jump in, the napkins all come off.

Corrected entry: Even though this movie is set in France, the bald eagle, the grizzly bear, and many other animals that are native to the Americas can be seen in Gaston's bar.

Correction: The fact is, in the film the information about where the animals come from is not offered. So, in that case it is possible and entirely plausible that certain animals were hunted for sport and killed elsewhere. Then, the prized stuffed animal carcasses were brought back, and the trophies were mounted on the wall of this tavern.

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Corrected entry: At the start of the "Kill the Beast" song, Gaston yells "We will siege to the castle and bring back his head.". One problem: How did he know the beast lives in a castle? No one ever tells him this.

Correction: He already knows about the castle. He talks about it in the scene where he pays to have Maurice incarcerated if Belle won't agree to marry him.

Corrected entry: How did the villagers know where to find the Beast's castle? They are obviously not aware of it when Belle tells them about it, and Belle and Maurice are the only people who do know and they are locked up in a cellar. Also, it obviously takes about a day's traveling, as seen when Maurice and Belle come, but they are able to make the journey in about an hour, even though they also have to take the time to chop down and carry a tree.

Correction: Gaston still has the magic mirror, which probably helps them find the correct roads to take. Maurice got lost on the way to the castle so it took him a little longer to get there, but it's still not evident that it took either he or Belle more than a few hours to go between the village and the castle. (It's still daytime when the horse returns all the way to the village to find Belle, and she arrives at the castle that night. And later Belle leaves the castle at night and arrives home with her father the same night.)


Corrected entry: The coat the beast is wearing in the painting of himself in human form is much lighter blue when Belle looks at it than it is when the Beast tears it.

Correction: It's been a long time, and the paint could have faded or been bleached by the sun.


Corrected entry: When the beast tears the painting of himself at the beginning of the film, the back part of the painting that becomes visible when he tears it is light brown. Later in the film, when Belle sees this painting in the West Wing, this part is light grey.

Correction: Paint can actually shift color over the years, if it's for example bleached by sunlight. Such a thing could cause a once brown color to seem grey.

Corrected entry: The first two times the magic mirror is used, we see the background of the place the characters were in (i.e. Belle's room, the forest) but when Belle uses the mirror to show the villagers the beast, there is a white background. Shouldn't we have seen the background of the room he was in (presumably the West Wing)?

Correction: How do we know where he was? From the time he tells her to leave and the time the villagers get there, he has also changed out of his dress clothes back into his everyday shirt and cloak. Obviously some time has passed. Presumably he was in a room with white walls or in front of a white drapery when she called on the mirror to show the Beast to the villagers.

Corrected entry: There isn't nearly enough blood coming out of the beast after Gaston stabs him. That was a huge knife, and he got it really deep into the Beast, but very little blood comes out.

Correction: It was a kids movie. The creators didn't want kids to see an enormous beast gushing blood after he had just been stabbed. Standard cartoon convention.

Corrected entry: After the wolf attack, Belle is seen taking the Beast back to the castle on her horse. They are going back in the direction they came, since she is following the horse's footprints. So why aren't there any wolf footprints in the snow?

Correction: Wolves are lighter than horses and if the snow has a thin layer of ice on it, it would be quite logical for wolf footprints to not be there.

Corrected entry: When all the enchanted objects are in front of the door, blocking the villagers from entering, you can see the door is brown. When the villagers burst in in a few seconds, the door is green.

Correction: The enchanted objects are inside and the villagers are outside. It isn't unheard of to have your door painted a different color on each side.

Corrected entry: When the objects are attacking the villagers, you can see that they are using fresh tomatoes. But there are none growing around the castle, especially since it is in the snowy mountains, and none of the objects ever left the castle after they were enchanted. They have been enchanted for many years, and the tomatoes would have been VERY rotten.

Correction: As all objects are magical, the refrigerator (or wherever they keep their food) would be magical too and able to produce fresh tomatoes. Needless to say this applies to all the fresh food that is in the castle, not just tomatoes.

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie, Belle has brown eyes. Yet, during a close up in the middle of the movie, her eyes are green.

Correction: Unfortunately, I checked the whole movie and never saw her eyes as green. It may actually happen, but you'll need to be much more specific than "a close up in the middle of the movie".

Corrected entry: Maurice is sitting in his chair when suddenly the beast bursts in. An entire fire goes out. But the small flames on Lumiere's candles don't. How is that possible?

Correction: Lumiere's flames are magical.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, a woman mentions that Belle's name means beauty. But in French, "belle" means "beautiful", not "beauty".

Correction: The expression "a belle" means a beauty.

Corrected entry: When Beauty sees in the mirror that her father is hurt in the forest, he's on half snow half grass, but when she finds him in the forest, he's in all snow.


Correction: Time passes between when Belle sees her father in the mirror and when she actually finds him. It's perfectly reasonable that he moved to a different area.


Corrected entry: In the scene right after Gaston puts his sidekick to guard in front of Belle's house, Belle is seen wearing a blue dress as she walks her horse through the snow inside the castle grounds, in the following close up shot, she is wearing a green dress. (00:51:24)

Correction: Belle is wearing her cloak over the blue dress, which is dark green.

Corrected entry: In the famous ball scene in the middle of the movie, not only is Belle wearing short sleeves (with long gloves) but there is green foliage outside on the balcony when they go out to watch the stars. You can even hear crickets in the background. In all previous scenes at the castle and most of those coming after, it is the middle of winter. The castle may be enchanted, but we have seen Belle walking her horse and feeding birds in the snow, and when she leaves to look for her father it is also mid-winter. Even if the Beast had some very strange looking evergreens dotted around his balcony, there would never be crickets outside.

Correction: This may be a legitimate mistake, but Disney might just be aware of the original tale. In it, the Beast's castle is split - one side is always winter while the other side is always spring.

Correction: Also, this is in the mountains, where the weather is wildly unpredictable, even in the middle of winter or summer.


Corrected entry: Belle runs out of the castle after 'trespassing' in the west wing, but why is Philippe still standing outside, next to the gate? Wouldn't he have been put in a stable or something like that, since it's cold outside?

Correction: Think about the state that the castle is in, and the mindset of the Beast. I doubt truly if he gave another thought to the horse. The Beast didn't care much about himself, let alone if the animal was uncomfortable.

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Corrected entry: Since the prince had been turned into a beast his entire castle has become overwhelmed with darkness. All of the figurines in the castle are gargoyles, demon looking figures, dragons, etc., but when Belle and the Beast are dancing in the ballroom the camera pans the ceiling, where there are many angels looking and watching the two. This should not have been possible since everything didn't become angelic until he was turned back into a human.

Correction: This only a suggestion but perhaps this is a reminder of what the story is about, that things may look ugly on the outside, but are beautiful inside.

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Continuity mistake: In the 'Gaston' song sequence, near the end, Gaston is sitting in his huge antler chair with Lefou. In the wide shot, there is a bear rug behind the chair. The camera does a close up of Gaston, then in the next wide shot, the chair is on top of the bear rug. Also, after this, Gaston gets up off of the chair and in the next shot, both the chair and the rug disappear completely. (00:29:20)

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Gaston: How can you read this? There's no pictures!
Belle: Well, some people use their imagination.

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Trivia: Though not revealed in the movie, the Prince's name is Adam. At the New Orleans Disneyworld, the Princess hotel rooms have portraits of each Disney prince. The 'Beauty & the Beast' prince is shown in human form and his name stated underneath as 'Prince Adam.' In addition, the officially licensed Disney Fisherprice 'Little People' sets include 'Belle and Prince Adam.'

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