Beauty and the Beast

Trivia: Though not revealed in the movie, the Prince's name is Adam. At the New Orleans Disneyworld, the Princess hotel rooms have portraits of each Disney prince. The 'Beauty & the Beast' prince is shown in human form and his name stated underneath as 'Prince Adam.' In addition, the officially licensed Disney Fisherprice 'Little People' sets include 'Belle and Prince Adam.'

Trivia: When Gaston has his feet on the table at Belle's house, a bit of the mud strongly resembles Mickey Mouse's head. This follows the long standing Disney tradition of having "hidden Mickeys" in their movies.

Trivia: Gaston's socks strongly resemble the logo of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

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Trivia: When Gaston is falling from the castle-top at the end, there is closeup of his eyes. For a brief moment, in a few frames, a tiny grey skull appears in each of his eyes.

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Trivia: When Maurice comes to the castle for the first time, one of the puddles of water is shaped as Mickey's head.

Trivia: When Maurice is running through the woods and he sees the sign post with the signs pointing to places in California, look at where each is pointing. The ones that point in the direction of the sunny path are the names of where Disney's amusement parks are, the ones that point down the dark, menacing path are where the Six Flags amusement parks are. Six Flags is obviously Disney's rival, so what better way to smear them than to show Six Flags as dark and dirty, while Disney is bright and sunny.

Trivia: This was the first Disney movie for which a woman, Linda Woolverton, wrote the script.

Trivia: "Beauty and the Beast" was the first animated film to be nominated for an Oscar for "Best Picture" in 1992.


Trivia: When Belle's father is lost in the forest, he looks at a sign at the crossroads that have barely readable lettering. If you look closely, you can clearly see "Anaheim" written, along with Saugus, Newhall and Valencia. Anaheim and Valencia are the locations of Disneyland and The California Institute of the Arts, respectively.

Trivia: The winding knob on the back of Cogsworth's head is shaped as Mickey. This is definitely more apparent at some times than others.

Trivia: During the raid in the castle, when a villager is thrown through the front doors he cries out the famous Wilhelm scream.

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Trivia: At the very beginning of the movie, as soon as the picture comes on the screen, it shows the castle before it is cursed. There is a deer in the foreground drinking out of the stream. If you watch the deer, it suddenly picks its head up to look around. This portion of animation is taken from Bambi - it's Bambi's mother, in the scene right before the hunter kills her.

Trivia: In that theatrical version, the song "Gaston" had a different ending. It went something like "There's just one guy in town who's got all of it down and his name's G-A-S-T-O-N Gaston.". But this was edited when released on video.

Trivia: The dance sequence between Belle and the Prince is actually reused animation of the dance between Prince Philip and Princess Aurora from the film "Sleeping Beauty."

Trivia: Chip is the only member of Beast's staff that calls Belle by her name.

Trivia: In the Spanish dubbing of the 'Be my guest' song, the "grey stuff" is said to be "duck's liver."

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Trivia: During the Be my guest song, the dishes form a Mickey Mouse when they jump out of the drawer.

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Continuity mistake: Belle opens the door outward so Gaston falls out, but after she throws his shoes at him, she slams it shut from the inside. (00:18:00)

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Gaston: The whole town's talking about it! It's not RIGHT for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas, and THINKING...!

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Question: The timing of the Beast's curse has always confused me. The movie states he has until the rose wilts completely to break the spell, and that said rose will bloom until his twenty first year. So was the Beast's deadline his 21st birthday or would the rose begin to wilt on his 21st birthday and he would then have only a little under a year (judging from how much time appears to pass in the film) till all the petals fell off?

Answer: The Rose started wilting at The Beast's 21st birthday and could have presumably started wilting years before the first time we saw a petal fall off. Given the fact that Lumiere stated that they were living with the curse for 10 years, prince Adam could be 23-24 years old at the time of the original movie,13-14 at the time of the curse, and the Rose could have been wilting for two to three years. This is my best guess given the approximate age of Prince Adam in the ripped up portrait before he was the Beast.

Answer: I would assume it would be until his 21st birthday, as that is really the 21st year since his birth. After his 21st birthday he'd be older than 21.

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