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Corrected entry: Gaston's surprise wedding ceremony is a considerable extensive do up, incorporating several tables, a full wedding feast, elaborate decorations, a band and half the town populace in attendance. Belle is then shown to be inside her house reading a book, and apparently none the wiser that a wedding was planned for her as she acts both surprised and shocked when Gaston brings it up and she later sings about it. Seems a bit of a stretch that Belle was apparently at home during the many hours it would've taken to build that whole shindig and never once went outside to do chores or even look out a window. To further compound the believability of this scene, the wedding set up is then revealed to be right outside her front door meaning she would also have been able to hear any sounds of people constructing decorations, setting down tables, tuning instruments or getting food ready and just dismiss them as no big deal.

Correction: First of all, while she can see the set-up from outside her front door, it's not exactly in the front yard. It's down the hill a little ways. Secondly, Belle is shown to be a dreamer, lost in her books, and not very interested in the goings-on of her boring, poor provincial town. She may have noticed stuff happening, but wasn't interested in the details - especially since at this point she had no idea that the wedding was going to be for her.

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Corrected entry: How did the villagers know where to find the Beast's castle? They are obviously not aware of it when Belle tells them about it, and Belle and Maurice are the only people who do know and they are locked up in a cellar. Also, it obviously takes about a day's traveling, as seen when Maurice and Belle come, but they are able to make the journey in about an hour, even though they also have to take the time to chop down and carry a tree.

Correction: Gaston still has the magic mirror, which probably helps them find the correct roads to take. Maurice got lost on the way to the castle so it took him a little longer to get there, but it's still not evident that it took either he or Belle more than a few hours to go between the village and the castle. (It's still daytime when the horse returns all the way to the village to find Belle, and she arrives at the castle that night. And later Belle leaves the castle at night and arrives home with her father the same night.)


Corrected entry: After Belle has run away after being scolded by the beast in the west wing, she is attacked by wolves. The beast saves her, but is injured and collapses to the ground. In the next scene, you see Belle leading Phillipe back to the castle with the Beast slumped over the back of the horse. How did Belle get someone as big as the beast on the horse?

Correction: It's likely that Belle had Philippe lie down in the snow. It would then have been much easier to push or drag the Beast's limp body onto Philippe's back.

Phil C.

Correction: Also, as the daughter of an inventor, she might have learned a few things about pulleys and levers.


Corrected entry: In the opening sequence of the film it shows the Beast falling into despair. He claws a portrait of himself (in human form). The direction he tears this painting is from the top left to the bottom right. Later, when Belle sneaks into the West Wing and finds this painting, it is torn from the top right to the bottom left. (00:01:50 - 00:43:50)

Correction: The top image shows a frame with square edges. The bottom image shows a frame with rounded edges, and other differences. They are not the same painting - presumably the Beast went around clawing every portrait of himself he could find (and in his precursed condition, would have had as many as possible).

Corrected entry: When Gaston is trying to get to Belle through the bustling market, as the camera pans into the market and we hear the lines "Good Day" "Bonjour" "You call this bacon" "What lovely grapes", to the left of the screen you can see two signs hanging up. The first reads "La Puissance" and is for a fish stall. The correct term would probably be "Le Poisson." Secondly there is a pig shaped sign which reads "Le Jamon" - this should be "Le Jambon", which means "ham". (00:06:50)

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Correction: Other town signs are spelled incorrectly as well. As already pointed out in the corrections section for those, Belle seems to be one of the only literate people in town. The townsfolk are not sufficiently literate, therefore the signs are spelled incorrectly. Characters' flaws but not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When the beast is waiting for Belle to come for dinner, the doorknob moves. He thinks it's Belle, but it turns out to be Cogsworth. Cogsworth is about ten inches tall- how did he reach the doorknob?

Correction: Half the palace is enchanted; who's to say the door isn't?


Corrected entry: At the start of the "Kill the Beast" song, Gaston yells "We will siege to the castle and bring back his head.". One problem: How did he know the beast lives in a castle? No one ever tells him this.

Correction: He already knows about the castle. He talks about it in the scene where he pays to have Maurice incarcerated if Belle won't agree to marry him.

Corrected entry: There isn't nearly enough blood coming out of the beast after Gaston stabs him. That was a huge knife, and he got it really deep into the Beast, but very little blood comes out.

Correction: It was a kids movie. The creators didn't want kids to see an enormous beast gushing blood after he had just been stabbed. Standard cartoon convention.

Corrected entry: After the wolf attack, Belle is seen taking the Beast back to the castle on her horse. They are going back in the direction they came, since she is following the horse's footprints. So why aren't there any wolf footprints in the snow?

Correction: Wolves are lighter than horses and if the snow has a thin layer of ice on it, it would be quite logical for wolf footprints to not be there.

Corrected entry: When the objects are attacking the villagers, you can see that they are using fresh tomatoes. But there are none growing around the castle, especially since it is in the snowy mountains, and none of the objects ever left the castle after they were enchanted. They have been enchanted for many years, and the tomatoes would have been VERY rotten.

Correction: As all objects are magical, the refrigerator (or wherever they keep their food) would be magical too and able to produce fresh tomatoes. Needless to say this applies to all the fresh food that is in the castle, not just tomatoes.

Corrected entry: Belle runs out of the castle after 'trespassing' in the west wing, but why is Philippe still standing outside, next to the gate? Wouldn't he have been put in a stable or something like that, since it's cold outside?

Correction: Think about the state that the castle is in, and the mindset of the Beast. I doubt truly if he gave another thought to the horse. The Beast didn't care much about himself, let alone if the animal was uncomfortable.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Since the prince had been turned into a beast his entire castle has become overwhelmed with darkness. All of the figurines in the castle are gargoyles, demon looking figures, dragons, etc., but when Belle and the Beast are dancing in the ballroom the camera pans the ceiling, where there are many angels looking and watching the two. This should not have been possible since everything didn't become angelic until he was turned back into a human.

Correction: This only a suggestion but perhaps this is a reminder of what the story is about, that things may look ugly on the outside, but are beautiful inside.

Corrected entry: During the beginning of the 'No one's like Gaston' song scene, Lefou or Gaston throws a stein of beer into the fire and it flames up significantly. Beer does not burn like other, stronger types of alcohol, it would have just put the fire out.

Correction: It's a joke. They're showing how strong their beer is.

Corrected entry: In the reprise of the Gaston song when Maurice bursts in, one of the villagers uses a mug to simulate the Beast's "long ugly snout". Only thing is: a tin mug has no transparent bottom.

Correction: How do you know it was tin? I have seen many authentic metal mugs with glass bottoms. They do exist.

Corrected entry: After Belle comes out of the house after Gaston proposes and leaves, all traces of the entire wedding ceremony magically disappear.

Correction: Belle didn't come out until he was gone. It was a moment of screen time, but in the story she probably waited a little while to make sure he was really gone. The party probably had plenty of time to leave before she opened the door.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Gaston tries to kiss Belle, and she opens the door, Gaston goes flying out into the mud in front of the house. But Belle's front door is on the side of the porch, not facing the mud.

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Correction: This is because there are two doors to the house.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gaston tries to propose to Belle, he walks in the door and leaves it open. However, by the end of the scene, the door has magically closed itself, because Belle's back is to the closed door when she opens it and lets Gaston fall face first into the mud puddle.

Correction: As Gaston follows Belle through the house, they walk into an entirely different room. It is a wholly different door that Belle opens to get rid of Gaston.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the Beast turns into a prince, and all of the furniture and other housewares (clock, plates, tea set, etc. etc. etc.) turn back into people as the enchantment on the house and its inhabitants ends. If all of the furniture in the house was once people, then what did this prince use for furniture in the first place?

Correction: Not all the furniture/silverware were enchanted people. Several times through the movie, as Belle moves through the castle, tables and chairs and knick-nacks through the castle keep their places. And surely there are tons and tons of rooms that are not shown to the audience - the real furniture could be stashed away in any one of them.


Corrected entry: During the "Gaston" song sequence, we can obviously hear Gaston sing, "In a wresting match, nobody bites like Gaston", but his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: Gaston doesn't say this, it's the guy who's being bitten. It pans over to him as he says it.


Corrected entry: Mrs. Potts looks like somebody's grandmother- far too old to have a little kid like Chip.


Correction: The oldest woman to ever give birth was 65 years old. Anything's possible.

Continuity mistake: Belle opens the door outward so Gaston falls out, but after she throws his shoes at him, she slams it shut from the inside. (00:18:00)

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Beast: I want to do something for her - but what?
Cogsworth: Oh there's the usual things. Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep.

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Trivia: When Gaston has his feet on the table at Belle's house, a bit of the mud strongly resembles Mickey Mouse's head. This follows the long standing Disney tradition of having "hidden Mickeys" in their movies.

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Question: The timing of the Beast's curse has always confused me. The movie states he has until the rose wilts completely to break the spell, and that said rose will bloom until his twenty first year. So was the Beast's deadline his 21st birthday or would the rose begin to wilt on his 21st birthday and he would then have only a little under a year (judging from how much time appears to pass in the film) till all the petals fell off?

Answer: The Rose started wilting at The Beast's 21st birthday and could have presumably started wilting years before the first time we saw a petal fall off. Given the fact that Lumiere stated that they were living with the curse for 10 years, prince Adam could be 23-24 years old at the time of the original movie,13-14 at the time of the curse, and the Rose could have been wilting for two to three years. This is my best guess given the approximate age of Prince Adam in the ripped up portrait before he was the Beast.

Answer: I would assume it would be until his 21st birthday, as that is really the 21st year since his birth. After his 21st birthday he'd be older than 21.

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