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Corrected entry: The coat the beast is wearing in the painting of himself in human form is much lighter blue when Belle looks at it than it is when the Beast tears it.

Correction: It's been a long time, and the paint could have faded or been bleached by the sun.


Corrected entry: When the beast tears the painting of himself at the beginning of the film, the back part of the painting that becomes visible when he tears it is light brown. Later in the film, when Belle sees this painting in the West Wing, this part is light grey.

Correction: Paint can actually shift color over the years, if it's for example bleached by sunlight. Such a thing could cause a once brown color to seem grey.

Corrected entry: The first two times the magic mirror is used, we see the background of the place the characters were in (i.e. Belle's room, the forest) but when Belle uses the mirror to show the villagers the beast, there is a white background. Shouldn't we have seen the background of the room he was in (presumably the West Wing)?

Correction: How do we know where he was? From the time he tells her to leave and the time the villagers get there, he has also changed out of his dress clothes back into his everyday shirt and cloak. Obviously some time has passed. Presumably he was in a room with white walls or in front of a white drapery when she called on the mirror to show the Beast to the villagers.

Corrected entry: When all the enchanted objects are in front of the door, blocking the villagers from entering, you can see the door is brown. When the villagers burst in in a few seconds, the door is green.

Correction: The enchanted objects are inside and the villagers are outside. It isn't unheard of to have your door painted a different color on each side.

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie, Belle has brown eyes. Yet, during a close up in the middle of the movie, her eyes are green.

Correction: Unfortunately, I checked the whole movie and never saw her eyes as green. It may actually happen, but you'll need to be much more specific than "a close up in the middle of the movie".

Corrected entry: Maurice is sitting in his chair when suddenly the beast bursts in. An entire fire goes out. But the small flames on Lumiere's candles don't. How is that possible?

Correction: Lumiere's flames are magical.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, a woman mentions that Belle's name means beauty. But in French, "belle" means "beautiful", not "beauty".

Correction: The expression "a belle" means a beauty.

Correction: Time passes between when Belle sees her father in the mirror and when she actually finds him. It's perfectly reasonable that he moved to a different area.


Corrected entry: In the scene right after Gaston puts his sidekick to guard in front of Belle's house, Belle is seen wearing a blue dress as she walks her horse through the snow inside the castle grounds, in the following close up shot, she is wearing a green dress. (00:51:24)

Correction: Belle is wearing her cloak over the blue dress, which is dark green.

Corrected entry: About 10 to 15 minutes in the movie you see Gaston shooting his shotgun into the air at a flock of birds. In the next frame instead of seeing shotgun pellets flying through the air you see a half dozen arrows flying through the sky and killing one of the birds.

Correction: In that scene if you slow it down you can see that it is a single bullet; the animators added lines near the end of the bullet to show that it was moving.

Corrected entry: When Belle is standing next to Gaston, we see that she is smaller than him, but not radically shorter. When we see Belle next to the beast, we see that while he is larger than her, he is not more than 2 feet taller than her. When Gaston and the beast are standing next to each other however, the beast towers over Gaston. Granted this was probably done on purpose, to have a man and a beast be the same size would be strange, however they didn't want the beast to seem gigantic next to Belle.

Correction: I'd say it's even more likely that the difference is how hunched-over he is. Just as a cat can appear to stretch up to 20 percent longer, Beast is extremely hunched over during non-action scenes.

Corrected entry: When Gaston first sees Belle coming out of the library he grabs her book and leafs through it and says "Belle, how can you read these books? There are no pictures in them." A couple of shots later Belle sits at the fountain to sing a song with the open book on her lap and there is a full page picture of a meadow with a stream in the book.

Correction: Gaston didn't have the book for very long and it's quite possible he overlooked the picture while he was rapidly flipping through. It seems to be the only one in the book.

Corrected entry: Maurice (Belle's father) and Phillipe (their horse) are separated in the woods. Maurice is chased by the wolves and finds the castle by chance. When Phillipe returns home, Belle asks him to take her to her father, which he does. The horse had never been to the castle and could not have known where to have taken Belle.

Correction: Since Maurice was on foot, he can't have gone that far before he found the castle. Philippe can have taken Belle back to where he last saw Maurice, and she would only have had to search for a few hours before finding it too.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Belle's father creates a machine that chops wood. Belle is clearly taller than her father, yet she does not have to duck when the logs are being thrown from the machine, and Belle's father receives a blow to the head when he stands erect.

Correction: Not all the pieces of wood were thrown at the same height - some were lower than the others. the one that hit belle's dad was just one of the low ones.

Corrected entry: The villagers slice down a tree so that they can break through the door of the castle. The tree has many branches on it, but when they are at the castle all of the branches are gone- there aren't even any stubs left.

Correction: Presumably, when they cut down the tree, they also cut off the branches.

Corrected entry: In "Be Our Guest", the objects form an Eiffel Tower to show a symbol of France. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889, and this movie seems to be set in the 18th century.

Correction: There is nothing in the movie to conclusively date the setting. "Provincial" town is the best we ever hear. Small provincial towns, with cottage industry and individual shop houses, especially near the German border (Fachwerkhaus) existed in the form seen in the movie until approx the first world war in 1914. Some such towns existed until WW2, with one or two such villages still existing today (Hattingen). Decor (rustic), dishes (standard china), furniture (wooden), an invention fair (World's fair in 1890), as well as clothing (bright, with non-vegetable dye colours not available in the 1700's or most of the 1800's) and pony tail hair styles, in addition to facial hair are neutral to poor provincial towns and possible until WW1 too. The Eiffel Tower could well have existed when this movie was made if the invention built was for the fair of 1890, the year after the tower was built.

Corrected entry: In the famous ball scene in the middle of the movie, not only is Belle wearing short sleeves (with long gloves) but there is green foliage outside on the balcony when they go out to watch the stars. You can even hear crickets in the background. In all previous scenes at the castle and most of those coming after, it is the middle of winter. The castle may be enchanted, but we have seen Belle walking her horse and feeding birds in the snow, and when she leaves to look for her father it is also mid-winter. Even if the Beast had some very strange looking evergreens dotted around his balcony, there would never be crickets outside.

Correction: This may be a legitimate mistake, but Disney might just be aware of the original tale. In it, the Beast's castle is split - one side is always winter while the other side is always spring.

Correction: Also, this is in the mountains, where the weather is wildly unpredictable, even in the middle of winter or summer.


Corrected entry: In the opening scenes, all the shops have signs in French except for the Bookseller's shop, which is in English.

Correction: That is not a mistake, where I live all the shops have signs in Spanish except for a women clothing store which is in English.

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Continuity mistake: When Belle is taking her book back in a basket at the start of the film, its colour changes from red to blue, back to red, then purple in the book shop owner's hand, then finally red on the shelf. (00:03:00)

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Beast: I want to do something for her - but what?
Cogsworth: Oh there's the usual things. Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep.

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Trivia: When Gaston has his feet on the table at Belle's house, a bit of the mud strongly resembles Mickey Mouse's head. This follows the long standing Disney tradition of having "hidden Mickeys" in their movies.

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Question: The timing of the Beast's curse has always confused me. The movie states he has until the rose wilts completely to break the spell, and that said rose will bloom until his twenty first year. So was the Beast's deadline his 21st birthday or would the rose begin to wilt on his 21st birthday and he would then have only a little under a year (judging from how much time appears to pass in the film) till all the petals fell off?

Answer: The Rose started wilting at The Beast's 21st birthday and could have presumably started wilting years before the first time we saw a petal fall off. Given the fact that Lumiere stated that they were living with the curse for 10 years, prince Adam could be 23-24 years old at the time of the original movie,13-14 at the time of the curse, and the Rose could have been wilting for two to three years. This is my best guess given the approximate age of Prince Adam in the ripped up portrait before he was the Beast.

Answer: I would assume it would be until his 21st birthday, as that is really the 21st year since his birth. After his 21st birthday he'd be older than 21.

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