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Character mistake: After Wade is going over the second clue in his mind and trying to figure out what part of Halliday's past is he trying to escape from, he looks over the wall of article clippings and notes he has hung up. When the camera stops on Karen Underwood's obituary, there is a hand written note beside it listing movies set in New York, with the sentence "Set in New York" underlined. This apparently him looking for clues in films set there for the race challenge that is in Manhattan. However, one of the films he has written on that list is Mad Max, which takes place in Australia, not New York. (00:35:00)

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Character mistake: When Wade is trying to figure out the second clue in his van, he scans his bulletin board that has Karen Underwood Morrow's Obituary. The dates show 1975 - 2034 which would make her 59 (or 58) at the time of her death, but the article to the left of the obituary states that she was fifty six years old at the time of her death.

Plot hole: When Wade and Art3mis are in the dance club he uses Zimecki's cube to turn back time 60 seconds. But the time from when IOI crashes through the roof until Wade uses the cube is 75 seconds. So IOI still would have been there for 15 seconds.

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Halliday: She wanted to go dancing, so we watched a movie.

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Trivia: After Wade introduces his own avatar, it shows a line of people waiting by a portal. Just before Tracer shows up to the portal, you can see Sonic the Hedgehog standing towards the back of the line tapping his foot in the famous idle animation from the original game where he would tap his foot impatiently if the player left him standing still for too long. (00:04:55)

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Question: How are you supposed to ride a motorbike at full throttle in reverse? That is what Art3mis must have done to win the first Quest and to earn her copper key. You can see her bike standing beneath the fountain while she receives the key.


Answer: It's a virtual reality world. Machines can do anything the programmer wants them to.

Answer: In addition, it isn't specifically stated that the vehicle must actually be traveling in reverse. It could be that all she had to do was turn the bike around and drive forward, but the opposite way of the track.

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Ironically, even if Halliday stated that he doesn't want to make rules, he also says particularly to go backwards, at full throttle, not forward in the opposite direction. So I will not go with that thought of yours.

That's not exactly what he said or meant. He gave a clue, an idea to break the traditional rules. He wasn't telling people to go backwards as that's how it must be. He was seeding the idea to go against the grain.

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Perhaps she turned around on the bike and rode it in backwards?

Answer: It wouldn't take too much in the OASIS to modify a motorcycle so that it could drive backwards to complete the race. Driving it would be difficult though.

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