Best movie character mistakes of 2018

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Character mistake: When Logan tries to use both his and his mom's phones after her fingers were broken by the Man in Black, he throws them in disgust when he finds the SIM cards have been removed. However, every cell is capable of placing a 911 call regardless of whether a SIM card is present or not.

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New this month Character mistake: Benji doesn't want to shoot the padlock off a container because he believes a nuclear bomb may be inside and he doesn't want to risk a ricochet setting it off. Someone with Benji's knowledge and background should know full well that nuclear fusion doesn't work that way. Moreover, he should also know that picking up a cylinder full of pure oxygen (which is highly, extremely flammable) and slamming hard it against the padlock is far, far more likely to cause a devastating explosion that would take out a significant portion of the medical centre, especially considering there are several other O2 cylinders just a few feet away.

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New this month Suggested correction: Benji was likely more concerned with damaging the bomb itself, since any detected attempts to disarm the weapon would cause it to detonate. This is why they had to find both bombs and deactivate the trigger before they could disarm either. As for the cylinder, he likely found one that was depleted.

It's shown in real time - he never checks the cylinder's contents.

He was in a store room of things being packed up to close the camp with the gas cylinder left lying around. Full and depleted gas cylinders wouldn't be stored together. Full ones would be stored in a cage to prevent them being knocked over and leaking their contents, empty ones are more likely to be stored out of a cage.

All gas cylinders are supposed to be stored in cages. Even 'empty' ones can still have a little gas left in them to won't read on the contents gauge (it simply would be equalised with ambient pressure and not escape the bottle). A tiny amount of O2 in an 'empty' cylinder would still cause a pretty big bang.

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New this month Character mistake: Thor calls Nidavellir "Nivadellir" every time he mentions it.

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New this month Character mistake: When Big Nick and his team are first discussing the theft of the armored truck early in the film, Nick is eating and turns to one of his partners and asks for him to give him the "Pepto", or pepto bismol. You can see in this shot the bottle of pepto bismol is already sitting on the desk next to the guy, but then the guy opens the drawer and mimes the movements acting like he's pulling it out and setting the bottle on the desk. (00:23:25)

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New this month Character mistake: When George throws one of the soldiers through the cockpit door of the plane, you get a brief glimpse at the pilot and co-pilot, both of which are wearing a Bose headphone/mic set. However the co-pilot has his one backwards, with the mic bent from the right side when it's meant to be on the left. (00:44:50)

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