Speed (1994)

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Audio problem: After Sam gets shot several passengers are trying to help. One of them talks about how he's bleeding. Her mouth isn't moving.

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Visible crew/equipment: After Keanu steals Tuneman's car there is an overhead shot from a helicopter as he's trying to catch up. The shadow cast by the helicopter is visible at the beginning of this shot.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the guard walks past the pillars at the start, on the first pillar you can see a shadow made by the film crew. (00:03:00)

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Visible crew/equipment: After the bus exits the freeway, as it drives on the city's streets the forward looking street-level action camera is visible, mounted behind the tire. (00:49:05)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after the bus gets off the on ramp and hits a bunch of cars, there is a rear facing shot. The shadow of the camera that is attached to the bus is visible during most of the shot.

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Audio problem: When Keanu is pulling onto the freeway in his jeep, he starts honking his horn. The actor isn't pressing the horn in the wide shot. When we see Keanu from the front he is.

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Continuity mistake: Payne has just forced his way into the subway car with Annie as his hostage. Jack shoots the lock off an emergency door in pursuit. The bullet holes on the two sides of this door do not match. (01:40:05)


Other mistake: When Jack and Harry are going down the elevator rope to the freight elevator, in the shot that shows Jack sliding down the ropes, you can see that the roof ends at floor 23 or 24, but there are supposed to be 48 floors.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Payne is going crazy on the subway train, and starts shooting his gun at Jack on the roof, in one shot before Jack drops his gun, you can see a camera come in the shot. (01:42:50)

Revealing mistake: When Jack is under the bus attempting to dismantle the bomb, if you look closely, when the cable comes off the hook, you get a shot of Norwood and the Lieutenant standing on the edge of the van holding the cable - you can see that it's their stunt doubles standing there.

Revealing mistake: When Jack and Annie are about to slide out from under the bus, if you look closely when we see Annie hold on to Jack's back, you can see stunt wires visible attached to both characters. (01:29:55)

Continuity mistake: In the elevator scene, when Jack is on top of the elevator, Payne sends the elevator to floor 46 from floor 28, but a second later when Jack looks up at the camera, if you look very closely, you can see he is on floor 15...16...17..., but he's supposed to go up from 28 to 46. (00:02:10 - 00:05:15)

Revealing mistake: In the elevator scene, when Jack looks up standing on top of the elevator, you can obviously tell that he is in front of a rear projection. Notice the elevator ropes don't move one bit.

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Other mistake: When the safety cable goes taut and stops the falling elevator, a woman standing in the corner is shown to fall through a hole in the floor. However, the hole in the floor was plainly visible in the bottom of the elevator as it was falling. As the hole was more than wide enough for the woman's legs to fall through, she couldn't have been standing in that corner as it was falling.

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Suggested correction: No, however when the elevator stops, it does so with a massive thud. Easily enough to knock a woman off her balance to fall through the hole.

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Continuity mistake: When the cops arrive at Payne's house, the front passenger door of the silver car closes. However, in the next shot it is open. (01:19:45)

Continuity mistake: When Helen tries to get off the bus, Payne blows up the door. The door is open. However, in the next shot, when looking over Jack's shoulder, the door is closed.

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Continuity mistake: As McMahon watches Harry stumble out of the bar, he takes a puff of his cigar. Between frames, his right hand quickly moves from the cigar to the counter-top. (00:26:30)


Continuity mistake: When Norwood and McMahon break out their maps after hearing about the gap, their platform truck passes a large overhead freeway sign on the right, as seen in a rear window reflection. But a second later, when McMahon insists that the freeway is finished, the sign is roughly 100 yards away instead. (01:02:40)


Continuity mistake: At some point before the bus slams into a tow truck and sends a car flying, a large pile of shrubs appears on the curb's edge near the bystanders who start running for cover. (00:46:30)


Swat Cop: Anything else that'll keep this elevator from falling?
Jack: Yeah. The basement.

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Trivia: When the bus crashes into the plane at the end, the company logo on the plane is "Pacific Courier." This fictional company name also appears in "Die Hard"--it's on the truck the terrorists show up in (except Karl and Theo, who arrive by car). Jan de Bont, who directed "Speed," was DP on "Die Hard."


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Question: Why did Jack think the only option available with the gap in the freeway was to jump it? Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to at least try to ring Payne and explain what was happening? A simple "We've ran out of road, could you disable the bomb whilst we turn round" - Payne could still detonate it remotely so it's not like they could use that opportunity to unload the passengers.

Answer: I'm curious why you think Payne would do anything to make it easier for Jack? He's set a bomb with the express intention of killing people if his demands aren't met...why would he give Jack even the slightest chance of escaping that? And even if he was willing to, just because Payne can detonate the bomb remotely doesn't mean he can disarm it temporarily, then turn it back on.

Because the odds of the bus making that jump intact were incredibly small - if the bus blows up because of an infrastructure issue, Payne gets nothing.

If this plan fails, just like the elevator job, then they play a different game the next day so Payne would just look for another scheme to get his money.

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Payne had no way of knowing what way the bus was going to go. How could he have prepared for the exact circumstances that led to needing to jump the gap.

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Answer: Payne is a raging psychopath. As long as he's alive, he can make more bombs.

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