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Corrected entry: When Jack tries to stop the subway and realises he can't, he has a gun behind his back in his waistband. Why didn't he just shoot the cuffs off?

Correction: It's a common misconception that you are able to just shoot cuffs open. It's very dangerous as the bullet can ricochet off and hit a vital part of the body of either party.


Corrected entry: "Tuneman" has no actual license plate on his car, just the same vanity plate on front and back.


Correction: The Jaguar owner has personalized plates, and the rear license plate has the registration tabs (stickers) affixed to it, the month (Nov) at the left and the yellow tab with the year at the right.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Jack has been using the phone he took from "Tune-Man" ever since getting in his car. Payne has been calling Jack on that same phone while he was on the bus, but Jack never gave him the number. How has Payne been calling him?

Correction: When the police on the truck/trailer are riding beside the bus, the terrorist calls the police's number. The officer in the passenger seat of the truck's cab radios back to McMahon saying "it's him". McMahon relays that to Jack, and Jack responds by telling them to give the terrorist Jack's (or "Tune Man's") number.

Correction: I have watched this entire scene frame by frame...and I can't see any cameraman in his jeep.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: There are multiple shots throughout the sequence showing the interior of the elevator where more than nine passengers are visible. The highest number of passengers visible in a single shot is twelve, but, as no shot shows the entire interior, it's fair to assume that thirteen is, indeed, the correct number.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Exactly one scene before Jack yells 'everybody hold on' prior to jumping the 50ft gap. They show the gap for the first time and it has a barricade with a sign on it that says 'end' directly in front of the gap. But when the bus actually jumps the gap, that barricade isn't there.

Correction: It is there - the perspective's just a bit weird. The barricade isn't right at the end, it's a warning not far before the gap. We see the bus drive past it just before hitting the edge.

Corrected entry: "Supercop" Jack somehow never thought to have his boss cut power to the third rail (after slowing the train down rather than speeding it up), which would have stopped the train that was speeding near the end of the film.

Ray Gordon 9827

Correction: Jack has no means to contact Mac. The radio in the train is damaged after Payne shoots the conductor and Jack didn't bring a radio or phone with him.


Corrected entry: How did Payne not find out about the passengers getting off safely sooner than noticing the loop in the video feed? While choppers weren't allowed in the air space of LAX, there was reporters and media following the event on almost every channel. Payne was watching numerous TVs but not one channel mentions the massive explosion at the airport when the bus hits the plane, which would have been visible from the perimeter.

Lummie Premium member

Correction: Mac instructed the major networks to cease broadcasting at the same time as they created the loop feed, so in effect the networks would have only been broadcasting previously-run footage and re-iterating what they knew, with the ground crew unable to report further under orders from the LAPD.

Corrected entry: In the subway car scene, the voice calling for "Westbound 501" is distorted, as you would expect from a CB radio. Later on when Mac calls on the same radio, his voice is much clearer, as if he's right there.

Correction: It is quite possible to have a clear communication between CB radios otherwise whats the point of using them? Distortion exists when there is something altering the connection between the two radios. Communication between him and Mac was obviously clear because there was nothing altering their transmission.


Corrected entry: A while after Jack has boarded the bus, Payne is watching news reports that mention a police officer has boarded the bus and Payne says, "Would that be you Jack?". As is later revealed, Payne has a camera on the bus and should have known this already.

Correction: He does know. He's just making a small joke with himself, not actually questioning who it may be.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene after they get to the airport where the news helicopters can't follow, Keanu Reeves talks Dennis Hopper into letting him get off the bus to talk to the money people. They cut to Dennis Hopper with several TVs in the scene. The bottom right TV still has arial coverage of the bus.


Correction: Of course. The stations aren't suddenly going to stop talking about this just because they can't get any more new footage. This station is replaying some previously recorded footage while continuing to discuss the incident. They do this with every ongoing crisis/natural disaster.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After their adventures aboard the bus, why does the ambulance take Jack and Annie to the drop site instead of the hospital? Annie was injured, and Jack would have no business at the drop site, other than risk the possibility of the two of them being spotted by the bomber.

Correction: Because he is a cop and requested it. Her injuries were not that serious and maybe Jack thought he could help since he had already gotten in the bomber's head.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jack ask the driver to write "Bomb On Bus" you can see it was written so neatly. But it's impossible to write that neatly when the car is swerving on the freeway.

Correction: It was not written that neatly, and the vehicle was not swerving through the whole scene. During the time that the letter is being written the vehicle drives straight for several seconds as it is keeping pace with the bus. The one big swerve the car makes is when he drops the note (after it is written) and it lands on the windshield of the bus.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The scene is outside the bomber's home. Harry and the other police are running toward it. In the background, a plane is seen taking off. This is at the same time the bus is on the runway and the runway is supposed to be cleared.


Correction: The runway was shut down, but not the airport. LAX has four runways, planes were simply redirected to one of the other three.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the final scene when the train car crashes onto the road, the way the glass shatters into very very small fragments indicates that it is not real glass, and likely sugar glass.

Correction: Or it is tempered glass for vehicle use, which is designed to granualate to prevent slicing / chopping injuries in the case of breakage - just like the glass in car windows.


Corrected entry: A bus would never, ever be able to maintain a speed of 50 mph on the secondary streets of Los Angeles in the middle of the day, for any significant length of time, without smashing into hundreds of other cars (in which case, it would probably drop below 50 and explode anyway.)


Correction: It does smash into several cars at the beginning, but eventually gets a police escort allowing the bus to move more freely without endangering pedestrians and causing more damage to cars etc.


Corrected entry: When the police are staking out the 'drop', how come not one of them manages to catch Howard Payne getting Annie and escaping down the hole under the bin, with the money, despite the fact that the bin is being watched from every angle?

Correction: There are about a hundred cops on the scene, so he disguises himself as a police officer, knowing that they won't realize he is not really one, since many precints were likely involved in such a massive task of watching the trash can from "all" angles. That is why no one notices him. As for the hole, he didn't drop through it, he went to the subway to retreive the money that "fell through" the hole from underneath! That was the point of having the hole in the first place, so that the officers would think the money was in the trash can, while he was able to collect it from underneath undetected, and make his getaway.


Corrected entry: When Jack and Harry find out where Howard Payne is in the building, Jack opens the elevator door and throws himself onto the cable, and Harry then follows. However, if you look up to where they came from, the elevator door is now closed. (00:18:20)


Correction: If you look closely at a modern elevator for a while, you may notice that the doors sometimes close automatically, all by themselves. It's like magic.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack tells the Captain that the gas is leaking, he says that it will be about 10 minutes before it's empty. But at the speed that the gas indicator was going down, it would be a lot less then 10 minutes.

Correction: So he mistakenly estimated the size of the hole and the amount of gas coming out. Character mistake.

Corrected entry: In the highway scene where the older female bus passenger panics and attempts to leave the bus by getting on the flatbed truck driven by the police, right before the explosion that kills her occurs, you can see Keanu Reeves grab her arm for a split second. There is then a cut to the explosion, then another cut back to Keanu lying on the bus floor with his arm outstretched, having ostensibly been unable to grab the lady in time.

Correction: So he managed to grab her arm, but was unable to prevent her from falling, or his grip was shaken loose by the explosion. Hardly a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Speed mistake picture

Revealing mistake: If you look at the missing part of the bridge, and look at the shadow underneath, the shadow is of a full bridge. (01:02:35)

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Suggested correction: This might be correct, but it depends on the sun's position. If the sun is to the far left of the shot, the gap in the shadow would appear somewhere far to the right of where the actual gap is.

Nice try. Look at the shadows of the bridge trestles and those on the small brown building to the right of the photo. The sun is to the left of the bridge, and the shadow is exactly what you would expect to see if the bridge was complete - which it was, by the way. The "gap" is CGI.

Original guy was right to pick up the full shadow and the gap is CGI, both suggested corrections erred in saying the sun was in the left or even far left as the reference point for the position of the sun is the bridge in the far background that seems to be over a canal where the shadow indicates that the sun is almost directly overhead.

Again, nice try. All three trestles holding up the unfinished section of the bridge are casting long shadows to their right, as is the small black vehicle visible on top of the bridge itself. The shadow of the section of the bridge that was removed by CGI (that is, the shadow that should not exist) is displaced some distance to the right of the bridge itself. The sun cannot possibly be 'almost directly overhead'.

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Swat Cop: Anything else that'll keep this elevator from falling?
Jack: Yeah. The basement.

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Trivia: In this movie the only reason why Howard Payne is trying to blow the elevator and the buses is because he wants money. He also gets very upset when the paint explodes in the bag. If you look on the back of bus 2525 there's a green sign that says "Money isn't everything (Yeah Right)".


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Question: Why did Jack think the only option available with the gap in the freeway was to jump it? Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to at least try to ring Payne and explain what was happening? A simple "We've ran out of road, could you disable the bomb whilst we turn round" - Payne could still detonate it remotely so it's not like they could use that opportunity to unload the passengers.

Answer: I'm curious why you think Payne would do anything to make it easier for Jack? He's set a bomb with the express intention of killing people if his demands aren't met...why would he give Jack even the slightest chance of escaping that? And even if he was willing to, just because Payne can detonate the bomb remotely doesn't mean he can disarm it temporarily, then turn it back on.

Because the odds of the bus making that jump intact were incredibly small - if the bus blows up because of an infrastructure issue, Payne gets nothing.

If this plan fails, just like the elevator job, then they play a different game the next day so Payne would just look for another scheme to get his money.

ctown28 Premium member

Payne had no way of knowing what way the bus was going to go. How could he have prepared for the exact circumstances that led to needing to jump the gap.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Payne is a raging psychopath. As long as he's alive, he can make more bombs.

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