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Corrected entry: At the start when the explosion goes off, supposedly killing Dennis Hopper, you can see that the explosion actually forms a shape around the door frame and that the wall blows inwards. This is because of the individual charges placed around the door to make this effect work, in fact you can see the holes that they cause. In an explosion such as this, probably the first thing to happen would be for the door itself (the weakest point in the wall) to be blown off rather than the wall coming away with the door in it.

David Mercier

Correction: You have to remember that this explosion was set up by Howard Payne to make it look like he died. He may have deliberately rigged the charges around the door to make it look like a bigger explosion than it actually was.

Dr Muppet

Corrected entry: Right after the bus makes the jump over the gap in the freeway there is a shot of the front of the bus. If you freeze frame you can only see one person in the whole bus - the driver. Jack and all the passengers magically disappears.

Correction: We see all the passengers bracing themselves before the jump - they're bent down low enough that you wouldn't see them from outside. Jack is holding closely onto Annie, bracing her, so, from the outside, you'd only really see one shape.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: On the bus, when Jack is reasoning with the guy who has the gun, the black guy tackles, then struggles with him, and the guy with the gun shoots at Sam (the driver). In slow motion, the glass behind Sam doesn't break away and smash, it only shatters a slight bit. A few shots later, when Annie is driving the bus, the glass is now completely smashed and only a few bits remain in the frame. (00:40:05)


Correction: Yes this is true, once the glass is shot, it shatters making it is very weak. It would only take a light bump and the whole glass pane would break apart. After all the "action" going on the bus (passengers rushing to help Sam, the bus swerving all over the place) it wouldn't be surprising if the glass pane got knocked out of place.


Correction: Speculation, it's not a mistake for someone to realise that they are being approached.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Jack is talking to Howard Payne on the phone he hangs up and runs for 2 seconds, yet in the previous shot he ran quite a distance to catch up to the bus, this means he's very fast at running or someone moved his jeep further up the street. (00:29:30)


Correction: He didn't run that far to reach the bus and he had to walk back to answer the ringing telephone.


Corrected entry: If you look at the bus jumping in slow motion, you will see that there is no-one inside the bus.

Correction: In the previous scene inside the bus, Jack tells the passengers to hold on, and if you notice they all bend forward to protect themselves, this is why you can't see anybody from the outside shot, because they are bent down.


Corrected entry: After Jack comes out of the coffee shop he takes his keys out but doesn't actually unlock his truck before the first bus explodes. Later, after the phone conversation with Payne, he runs to his truck and climbs straight in it. Its door would surely still be locked.

Correction: How do you know the truck was locked in the first place?

Brian C Friesner

Corrected entry: Right after Jack discovers the camera mounted on the bus, Payne is seen drinking and watching the news. The anchorman on the far right of the screen says, "Amazing story as a city bus, rigged to explode if it slows down, races around literally in circles at the Los Angeles Airport. The two dead are a female passenger and the driver of another bus, both blown up by the bomber. And the other people in jeopardy are of course the passengers on the bus, held hostage at the whim of a madman." The female passenger was of course the woman who tried to get off the bus after Sam was let off, but the "driver of another bus" was obviously Sam. Number one, the only bus we know that Sam drove was number 2525, the same bus. Number two, he may have died of his wound, but we never find that out specifically. Number three, he wasn't blown up by Payne - another passenger on the bus accidentally shot him earlier in the film. (01:24:30)

Chris Moyer Grice Premium member

Correction: No, they're not talking about Sam. The "driver of the other bus" referred to on the news report is the one who greets Jack at the coffee shop, whose bus is subsequently blown up by Payne, exactly as stated on the news report.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Dennis Hopper is using a "Dead man's handle" type device, if he dies or is incapacitated, or the control just plain falls out of his hand then the bomb will detonate. Ironically a common use for these devices is in the safe control of trains, if the driver doesn't keep hold of a certain handle or regularly press a button the brakes kick in automatically. Most trains built in recent years in the Western world have them (eg. Channel Tunnel trains), yet curiously the brand new train in LA carrying Sandra, Keanu and Dennis doesn't have one, the driver is dead but the train carries on.

Correction: You also have to keep in mind that the control panel of the train was shot up, making the "self-driving-train" idea more plausible.

Corrected entry: Why is there no evidence of Dennis Hopper blowing himself up in the beginning? You should see blood and body parts if he did blow himself up - wouldn't they reconize there were no blood and body parts on the scene?


Correction: Payne says something like he has: "enough dynamite strapped to him to blow a building in half." Since the guy is a former police officer, I think he knows the power of the dynamite strapped to him. Maybe there was enough dynamite there to vapourise him, or maybe he could have placed guts or something in the area to be blown apart, faking his death, and therefore they thought he died.

Corrected entry: When the bus jumps the bridge, if you look closely inside, you can see there's no passengers on the bus.

Correction: All of them kept down to avoid being hurt, just like Jack had told them to before.

Corrected entry: When Annie is tying the rope to the steering wheel, you can see a silver ring on her hand. The ring is never seen in any other scene.

Correction: The silver ring is visible in plenty of scenes before and after the one where she ties the rope. It's very obvious.

Corrected entry: When the "tourist" in the blue jacket is being transferred from the bus to the rescue vehicle, he falls down and has to be pulled up. You will notice that his jacket is torn on the back, but when he is seen on the rescue bus later on, the tear is gone.

Correction: If you're talking about the tear on the jacket at the shoulderblade, you can see it's still there. when he goes to hug Ortiz, you can see a bit of white on the left side under Ortiz's arm.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the bus crashes into the plane, you can see that the plane is a cargo plane. However, as the plane blows up, you can see that a big piece of fuselage (plane structure) that has window holes. Cargo planes have no windows or at least not that many.

Correction: There are many different makes and models of cargo aircraft. Many of them are converted passenger aircraft which still contain the original windows. These windows, however, are usually covered over. Upon close inspection of many cargo aircraft, the outlines of the windows are still visible through the paint.

Corrected entry: How did Dennis Hopper get fooled by the "loop" video, when that was just one of the screens he was monitoring at home? He was also watching multiple other screens, that included other cameras and live news feeds. There is no way he could have missed what was actually happening.

Correction: All the news feeds have been shut off. The bus is now in the airport - restricted airspace, so the news helicopters can't get too close, and we see the police telling the ground-based camera crews to stop filming - an instruction that undoubtedly also went to any news helicopters filming from a distance. As such, at that time, the images from his camera on the bus are his only method of monitoring what's going on.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: At the part where the lady tries to escape from the bus and the bomber triggers a smaller bomb to go off, the bomber relied solely on the live TV telecast. In real live TV, it takes time for the transmission to go from the camera, to the station, and to your TV (usually about 3-4 seconds). In the movie, the bomber gets his timing perfectly correct, but in real life the lady might've already had most of her body on the other truck and only would suffer injuries rather than death.

Correction: First, the transmission doesn't have to take that long to reach your tv. It can get there faster. Also, the movie implies that the bomber relies on the TV telecast. At this point we do not know about his tv camera in the bus. When they show his looking at the tv's he could have been looking at his tv.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, after Keanu finds out about the bomb on the bus and that once the bus reaches 50 mph, dropping below that speed would detonate the device. We see him make a mad dash to reach the bus before it attained the initial 50 mph speed. He reaches the bus and runs along side it banging his fist on the door. The driver apparently thinks he is a lunatic and continues on. We then see Keanu draw his firearm and commandeer a civilian's vehicle at gunpoint to begin pursuit of the bus. This leads us to believe that a trained police officer with a firearm in his possession, and running alongside a bus trying to keep it from reaching a speed of 50 mph, would not simply shoot the tires out. I would, and I'm not even a trained police officer.

Correction: As a trained Police officer he would know that to shoot out the tyres would cause the bus to crash thus endangering the lives of all the people on the bus and a whole lot of other people on the freeway around it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the villain has Sandra Bullock hostage aboard the train you can see that his hands have purple dye on them before he has actually even opened the bag of ransom money containing the purple paint bomb. His hands should be clean at this point as the paint bomb has not yet exploded.

Correction: It isn't purple dye from the paint bomb - it's the scarring from when he lost his thumb. The scarring (and it's purple color) are apparent from the beginning of the film.

Corrected entry: When Jack comes up with the idea to hold the elevator with the cable and says that he has an idea, Harry says "You're not going to shoot them are you?" The next scene has them on the roof and Jack answering "No, we're just going to take them out of the equation." Sure, that seemed good while watching the movie since the answer came just seconds after the question. But in reality, they had to climb out of hte elevator shaft, and run up 20+ flights of stairs. This would have taken at least 4-5 minutes. So why is Jack just answering this question NOW, and why does he answer it as if it was just asked?

Correction: Jack's idea is dependant on there being a crane in the right position on the roof to run the cable down to support the lift. He only replies when he gets to the roof and sees that there is one. During the run up the stairs, there wouldn't be time, or breath, for conversation, so Harry's question has just been left hanging.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sam gets shot Jack takes off his blue button down shirt to help stop the bleeding. Later he has the shirt back on without a drop of blood on it.

Correction: When Jack first gets on the bus he is wearing a t-shirt, a blue button down shirt and multi-colored flannel looking shirt. When Sam gets shot Jack takes off the flannel shirt and the blue ones slides off his shoulder but it never actually comes off. It is the flannel one that he gives to Sam.

Continuity mistake: Early in the film, Jack shoots Harry through the left thigh (taking the hostage out of the equation). At the police awards ceremony, Harry is using a cane on his right side and his limp favors his right leg. After the ceremony, in the bar, when Harry gets drunk and starts to leave, he's using his cane on the left side and his limp favors his left leg.

Charles Austin Miller

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Jack: You're crazy! You're fuckin' crazy!
Howard Payne: NO! Poor people are crazy, Jack. I'm eccentric.

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Trivia: The famous "Dukes of Hazzard" sequence was the filmmakers' wry commentary on the uncompleted state of Interstate 105, which had become a running joke among LA motorists. It was finally (and quite uncoincidentally) completed in late 1993 shortly before the film's release, years behind schedule.

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Question: How would you get on the roof of a moving subway? We don't see it in the movie (Jack looks up and starts to climb - cut - Jack is on the roof.... Howard cries 'I'm coming for you Jack and runs - cut - Howard is behind Jack on the roof. after the fight when Howard 'lost his head' - cut - Jack is inside the subway again...).

Answer: Ventilation shafts or roof panels.


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