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Continuity mistake: When Jack and Mac are on the back of a truck with the red cart tied to the back of it, when Annie says "I have no idea", Jack and Mac both have their backs against the truck facing the camera, but in the following shot they are facing each other. (01:09:35)


Continuity mistake: When Annie is running for the bus, she passes notice boards as such, yet when it cuts to a side shot of Annie at the door to the bus, the massive notice boards have suddenly disappeared and all it is now is bushes and gardens. (00:29:45)


Continuity mistake: When Keanu and Jeff are on their way to the building at the start of the film, their car flies over a hill and lands back on the road. The right hand front wheel takes a really nasty knock as it lands and looks ready to come off, and yet in the next shot they arrive safely with no apparent difficulty driving the car. (00:06:00)

David Mercier

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Suggested correction: The wheel takes a knock but at no point does it look "ready to come off"

Ssiscool Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: When the bus is jumping the gap in the bridge, if you look closely in one shot, Sandra Bullock is not driving. Instead it's a large man that appears to be wearing women's attire.

Revealing mistake: At the end, when the empty bus rams the freight plane, the wire pulling the bus can be seen.

Continuity mistake: When the bus hits the back of the car on the tow truck, it appears that the hit is hard enough to launch the car up the ramp and over the front of the truck, but there is no damage to the front of the bus.

Dennis Gannon

Continuity mistake: When Annie hits her head after jumping the gap on the road you can see a cut. The cut changes shape throughout the whole movie.

Continuity mistake: When the LAPD are making the money drop, one shot from Dennis Hopper's apartment shows a businessman walking past the garbage can with a silver briefcase (just as the garbage man comes), and the same man with the silver briefcase walks past about a minute later in another shot when Keanu Reeves is running towards the bin.

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Visible crew/equipment: Aside from the mysterious other trooper(s) reflected in the tarpaulin on the roof near the start, as Keanu Reeves runs past it, you can see the clear silhouette and red light of a cameraman filming the scene. (00:11:30)

Jon Sandys Premium member

Continuity mistake: Shortly before the bus gap you can see an END sign at the end of the road. This disappears a second later. (01:03:11 - 01:03:36)

Continuity mistake: When Jack tells the other cop to "turn it on" in reference to the money tracker, soon as they realize Payne has the money, and Jack runs out to the garbage can, the red car that screeches to a stop to avoid hitting him is a red Ford Tempo. In the very next shot from the opposite direction, it's a red Mazda Protege. (01:36:55)

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Continuity mistake: In the last 20 minutes of the movie when Howard Payne is on the train and offers Jack some money, Howard opens the money bag and gets sprayed with purple paint. When Howard climbs on top of the train to fight Jack, all of the paint is gone.


Continuity mistake: When McMahon is in a helicopter trying to guide the bus from downtown traffic onto a vacant freeway, the bus passes through the same neighborhood twice from one overhead shot to the next, roughly one minute later (pay attention to the recurring trio of flagpoles on the right, as well as a pair of cars that the bus overtakes). (00:48:55 - 00:49:45)


Continuity mistake: When Jack is inspecting the bomb from a red trolley connected to a tow truck, a spool of cable unwinds and breaks free from its clamp, leaving Jack to fend for himself. Soon, McMahon and Norwood are riding alongside the bus trying to see if Jack is okay, but notice how the cable has reattached itself to the empty spool. (01:16:30 - 01:17:30)


Visible crew/equipment: A film truck with its crew and equipment is briefly visible in the reflection of a red van four shots after Jack directs Annie onto the shoulder (use pause to get a better look). (00:46:15)


Continuity mistake: After the bus driver looks at the note "Bomb on Bus" he starts decreasing speed. So Keanu puts the Jaguar beside the bus and tells the bus driver to open the door for him to tell the driver to go at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Just before this you can see a camera shot in which the door is already open. This mistake is easily seen if you watch it in slow motion.

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Suggested correction: If you have to use slow motion to see something, it's not a mistake.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Jack is taking off the handcuffs of the guy who shot Sam, you can see the top of a bald crew member's head with headphones on behind them.


Continuity mistake: At the start when Jack is trying to get on the runaway bus, he is seen passing the guy in the convertible Jaguar on the freeway entrance-ramp. He continues to overtake lines of stationary traffic in order to catch the bus, and then pulls alongside it. In the next shot he commandeers the Jaguar so he can use it to get onto the bus; however the Jaguar should still be waiting in the queues some way behind. (00:32:55 - 00:35:00)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when the employees are getting into the elevator, there is a close view of the man at the front pushing the button with his finger, but when it cuts to a wider shot, he is taking his thumb away from the button, instead of his finger. (00:04:35)


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Visible crew/equipment: When Jack is running beside the bus and breaks the window to get the driver's attention, there's a reflection in the window of the bus of a cameraman (wearing a baseball cap) running alongside the camera. In the next scene where the bus pulls ahead, the reflection of the camera is larger and more noticeable. (00:34:35)


Swat Cop: Anything else that'll keep this elevator from falling?
Jack: Yeah. The basement.

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Trivia: In this movie the only reason why Howard Payne is trying to blow the elevator and the buses is because he wants money. He also gets very upset when the paint explodes in the bag. If you look on the back of bus 2525 there's a green sign that says "Money isn't everything (Yeah Right)".


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Question: When Jack is fighting on the roof of the train,he makes the quip "yeah..but I'm taller" just before the other guys head is knocked off. What does he mean by this? He was laying down at the time, height doesn't come into it.

Answer: He's taller now because he has his head while the villain does not!

Grumpy Scot

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