Scream 3

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the killer is trying to kill Cotton, he pulls a book case on the killer, but if you look carefully you see that the killer slides to the side, despite the fact that the book case is meant to have hit him.

Continuity mistake: When Christine gets out of the shower at Cotton's apartment she has dried off, stood and walked on the carpet, and put on a nightie. When the stereo starts blasting and she walks down the hardwood floored hallway her feet leave very wet footprints which she slips in later when the killer chases her back up the hallway.

Revealing mistake: Jennifer swipes her card the wrong way at the studio and the door opens anyway.


Continuity mistake: The knife that was thrown at Dewey left the killers hand with blood all over the blade, but was perfectly clean when the butt of it hit his head to knock him out at the top of the stairs.


Continuity mistake: The second time Gale shows up at Jennifer's driveway (right before the place blows up), one can clearly hear her turn off the lights and remove the keys from her car. Yet, when she opens the door, the car still makes that beeping noise that happens when you leave your headlights on or leave your ignition key in the ignition. (00:37:10)

Continuity mistake: Christine gets out of the shower. In the next scene of her putting her nightie on, she has make up on.


Continuity mistake: When Jennifer is in behind the mirrors, we see that she was by the 3rd mirror from the end when the killer stabs her. However Dewey had already shot that glass out and only 2 were remaining out of the 6.


Continuity mistake: The ice pick remains free of blood even when Sid has stabbed the killer with it twice.


Continuity mistake: Gale's bangs change lengths throughout the film.

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Continuity mistake: When Sarah tries to fix Roman's statue's head, her hair is over her face, when she goes to answer the phone her hair is pulled back behind her ear. (00:23:20)

Character mistake: When Jenny McCarthy goes to the office to meet the director. She's calling out his name to see if he's there & calls " Roman.......Ronin.......Roman".

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jennifer gets killed and falls through the mirror look at Dewey's hair it's all messed up, but in the scene right after that when Dewey and Gale are looking for Tyson his hair's all combed back again.

Other mistake: When Sidney is on the set with her mother's covered body, it rises up and reaches for her, speaking in her mom's voice. Sidney calls out for Dewey before climbing out of the window. However, when she's grabbed, she yells out her own name: Sidney.

Continuity mistake: Gale and the killer go flying through the basement door, you see the door opens out, but when they crash through it, it opens in. Its not a two way swinging door, because you see the hinge at the top of the door to open it out, not in.


Audio problem: When the killer has on his mask and you hear "the voice," he does not need to use the changer to mask his voice. But we see that it is just a plain old Halloween mask.

Continuity mistake: Dewey rolls down a hill after shooting at the killer. The cut on his forehead changes shape from circular to two parallel lines then to a straight line and a waved one.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene Christine is completely dry when she steps out of the shower.

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Revealing mistake: Stunt double is visible when Dewey falls down the steps at Milton's house.


Continuity mistake: At the part where Sidney is on the set of her house and the killer is chasing her up the stairs, she runs right by the plants, but in the next take she is right next to the plants just about to throw one.

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Continuity mistake: Before Sidney pulls the killer out of the door on the house set, we see the bedside table is lengthwise against the wall. As the killer falls towards the bed it's turns 90 degrees, so the bed is a bit closer to the door.

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Sidney: What do you know about trilogies?
Mark: All I know is that in the third one, all bets are off.

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Trivia: Sydney is still wearing the Greek Letters necklace that Derek gave her in Scream 2 throughout the movie. Not a mistake, just something to notice.

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