Scream 3

Continuity mistake: Roman's sideburns change lengths towards the end of the movie.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Sidney is lying on the floor, Roman is pointing the gun to her head about to kill her. The gun is clearly pointing to her head/neck area when he shoots, but Sidney still lives and shows him she was wearing the vest. The vest protects her chest and Roman shot her in the head.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dewey and Gale are having lunch, Dewey asks her "Why would the police come to you?" In the background, a waitress in white walks by. Then they switch to Gale and the waitress has vanished.

Gale: Deja voodoo.

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Trivia: Throughout the movie Sydney is still wearing the Greek Letters necklace that Derek gave her in Scream 2.

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Question: Was Roman just playing dead in the coffin or was it a dummy? Hard to believe that he could be pretending because Gale checks his pulse.

Answer: No it was Roman. There is a technique you can do where if you apply pressure on the correct artery you can stop the pulse. EXTREMELY dangerous though.

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