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I watched this movie on Netflix.

Similarly to the second movie, I don't think this one is as good as the first. But it's not a bad film, and it's hard to say really if I like it better or worse than the second. I think I can say though, that it's not as good as the second.
Some of the tropes and turns of this one I was seeing as more obvious or not as well hidden.
It's not a bad film... but it's just really average honestly. Worth a watch, but it's no master class of cinema.

This movie plays again as a parody and celebration of the slasher films, but also plays on the idea of a trilogy and what happens in the final film of a trilogy. So in some respects, it's actually kinda clever. Though how many times can Sidney survive the same kind of stuff over and over again?

Mistake Status: I wasn't really paying as close attention to this movie when I watched it, and didn't pick up on any mistakes. I'm sure I could find a lot if I looked. But I have no real interest in returning to this film just for that.

Quantom X Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Sidney is first going into the house for the end of the movie it is clear that she is not wearing the vest underneath her clothes and as she is walking around or when she is rolling on the ground fighting with her half brother you see her bellybutton but then she has the vest on and it goes over the belly button

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Sidney: Hey Detective, what's your favorite scary movie?
Mark: My life.
Sidney: Mine too.

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Trivia: Jay and Silent Bob from Clerks and several other Kevin Smith films (who plays Bob) have a cameo.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Question: Is there any significance to the code '1288' Sydney uses at her mountain hideaway?

Answer: Not expressly, though it could have been the date of some significant event (December of 1988) but someone as security-conscious as Sydney now is wouldn't be stupid enough to have her code be something that could be guessed.

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