Scream 3

Trivia: Throughout the movie Sydney is still wearing the Greek Letters necklace that Derek gave her in Scream 2.

Trivia: Kevin Williamson (who had written the first two films, as well as the fourth) had an entirely different plot in mind, which he had outlined and given to the studio, only for it to be passed on. His original concept had the killers in the film be members of a "Stab" (the film-within-the-film) fan-club, who orchestrated the murders in order to gain fame and become heirs to Sidney Prescott's status as the soul-survivor. Aspects of this unused original story treatment were re-written into the fourth film, which features a killer whose motivation is fame and becoming the soul-survivor.

Trivia: Like the other Scream films, in this movie there's a small part for the man himself, Wes Craven. He's the guy with the video camera walking by Jay and Silent Bob. He even takes a good look at the camera. (00:18:30)


Trivia: The house used during the climax, where most of the killing takes place, is the same house used as a school in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.

Trivia: At the start of the film where Cotton Weary enters his house looking for his ill-fated girlfriend. He takes his jacket off and reveals a jumper similar to Casey's in Scream. A sure fire sign of his death.

Trivia: The videotape in which Randy appeared is called Scary Movie 101. Scary Movie was the original title of Scream.

Trivia: The plot of Scream 3, which involves the predatory sexual history of the producer of the film-within-the-film "Stab 3," would unfortunately prove even more prescient years later as the predatory sexual history of studio head Harvey Weinstein was made public. His victims included Rose McGowan, who appeared in the first Scream. The Weinstein Company produced the first four Scream films, and after it was shut down the Scream series was bought by Spyglass Entertainment and Paramount.


Trivia: In Sidney's first scene, look at the wall to the left of the door as she's setting the alarm. There's a small poster for Windsor College's production of The Fall of Troy. This is the play in which Sidney was playing the role of Cassandra from Scream 2.

Trivia: Matthew Lillard revealed that his character from the first film, Ghostface killer Stuart "Stu" Macher, was originally going to be the new Ghostface killer in this film. Stu actually survived when Sidney pushed the TV on his head. From prison, Stu was going to orchestrate new Ghostface attacks to get revenge on Sidney. Stu was ultimately written out of the film and replaced with Roman Bridger.

Trivia: At one point, it was not known whether Neve Campbell would be able to appear in the film as Sidney due to her hectic work schedule. The studio even considered writing out of the character. She eventually agreed to appear in the film, but was only able to be on-set for a few weeks. This is why she doesn't have as many scenes as she does in the other three "Scream" movies.


Trivia: When Sidney is walking onto the set of her room there is a "Creed" poster. Creed is the band whose two songs, "What If" and "Is This the End", are on the movie's soundtrack.

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Trivia: In the early days of production, they had originally planned for Angelina Tyler to be the second killer, but this plan was scrapped before filming began.


Continuity mistake: When Sidney is fighting the killer, when ever a big stunt comes up, the killer's hair gets lighter.

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Sidney: What do you know about trilogies?
Mark: All I know is that in the third one, all bets are off.

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Question: Was Roman just playing dead in the coffin or was it a dummy? Hard to believe that he could be pretending because Gale checks his pulse.

Answer: No it was Roman. There is a technique you can do where if you apply pressure on the correct artery you can stop the pulse. EXTREMELY dangerous though.

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