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Other mistake: On the back cover of Scream 3 in the Scream trilogy on DVD, the town of the original killings is referred to as Greensboro twice. The correct name of the town is Woodsboro, of course.

Other mistake: When Sidney is on the set with her mother's covered body, it rises up and reaches for her, speaking in her mom's voice. Sidney calls out for Dewey before climbing out of the window. However, when she's grabbed, she yells out her own name: Sidney.

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Suggested correction: No, listen to the voice; it's Fake Ghost Mom that yells "Sidney" as part of her Scooby spooky act; Neve Campbell just cries out "No."

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Other mistake: Ghostface has a strength that rivals a superhero. He's trapped under a bookshelf but not only gets free in a second; the mere gesture of freeing himself sends a grown, bigger man flying and tumbling over a desk. Seriously, from the angle it appears that the case hit Cotton in the side of the head, but that would never propel him over furniture as shown. His body also twists counterclockwise when bumped and clockwise on the desk. (00:09:00)

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Other mistake: Cotton's opening line in the movie is that he won't go below 1 million bucks as he's risking his reputation for the cameo, furious that they can't write him a decent part for the Stab movie. So he's still negotiating, but the news story later in the movie says he filmed the cameo the day before.

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Other mistake: June 28 was a Monday in 1999. Jenny McCarthy was killed the day before, so on a Sunday. The scene takes places the evening (there's sunlight when it begins) after the night scene with Sidney; it is however uncertain if it is actually supposed to be the same day, or the day before, a Saturday. Therefore, Cotton, murdered a day earlier, was killed on either a Friday or a Saturday, but when he was killed there was a promo on TV about "tomorrow's" episode of his talk show, which is on during weekdays and so wouldn't be on for the weekend.

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Other mistake: You can read the date of the event at Jennifer's house on the fax; it's June 28 1999. However, if you look at the director's office in the scene with Sarah, June was a very light month with according to the post-its mostly scouting for locations and such, and no shoots were scheduled in that month, as opposed to August that is full of those. All the previous scenes at the studio involved the actors on set for their scenes, and the news voiceover says that Cotton shot his cameo role the day he was killed.

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Other mistake: Gale arrives at Jennifer's house for the party, rings the doorbell, but inexplicably, nobody answers. Noticed by Wes Craven in the DVD commentary; they said they "got away with it" by not adding the sound effect of the doorbell ringing in post so most people would Miss the gesture. (00:39:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Sidney is first going into the house for the end of the movie it is clear that she is not wearing the vest underneath her clothes and as she is walking around or when she is rolling on the ground fighting with her half brother you see her bellybutton but then she has the vest on and it goes over the belly button

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Sidney: What do you know about trilogies?
Mark: All I know is that in the third one, all bets are off.

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Trivia: Kevin Williamson (who had written the first two films, as well as the fourth) had an entirely different plot in mind, which he had outlined and given to the studio, only for it to be passed on. His original concept had the killers in the film be members of a "Stab" (the film-within-the-film) fan-club, who orchestrated the murders in order to gain fame and become heirs to Sidney Prescott's status as the soul-survivor. Aspects of this unused original story treatment were re-written into the fourth film, which features a killer whose motivation is fame and becoming the soul-survivor.

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Question: Is Detective Kincaid the second killer? Two pieces of evidence spring to mind that he could be. One, he borrows Dewey's phone and soon afterwards Sydney is rung up by the killer and two, Roman Bridger has a bulletproof vest.

Answer: Those are misdirects/red-herrings to make you suspect Kincaid. Not actual pieces of evidence. But Roman is confirmed to be the only killer in the film. Originally, there was going to be a second killer (as there is in the three other films), but the idea was dropped during production to change-up the formula slightly and keep audiences guessing.

So how could Roman call her in that moment?

Answer: No, remember, the detective says something along the lines of "In the third movie, all bets are off." Meaning that you can't expect the same formula (ie two killers) as the first two movies.

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Answer: The line, "In the third movie, all bets are off," means to expect the unexpected. That anything goes, the hero could die, the killer gets away it or the boyfriend dies. There is an ending but not a predicable one.

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