Scream 3

Revealing mistake: Jennifer swipes her card the wrong way at the studio and the door opens anyway. (00:57:15)

Revealing mistake: When Sarah (the one who's supposed to play 'Candy') is stabbed, her blood is dried when she slumps over the door. (00:27:10)

Revealing mistake: Stunt double is visible when Dewey falls down the steps at Milton's house. (01:27:00)

Revealing mistake: When the house blows up and Dewey, Gale and Jennifer jump off the balcony, we find that Gale is near the car, the killer jumps up behind her. Dewy takes a shot at him with a gun and it is obvious that the killer awkwardly slams himself against the car window, rather than being caused by the impact of the bullet.

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Suggested correction: Actually he would have to fake it because it is obvious, and later found out that he has a bulletproof vest on. if he wouldn't have faked it, everybody would've known that he had one on.

He faked really badly that being shot sent him smashing against a car, to avoid being suspected of wearing a bulletproof vest? How does that work? Dewey in the dialogue thinks he didn't even hit him.

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Yeah, I'm with Sammo here. I don't really get the logic of the correction. I think it is just really awkward blocking/choreography/camera placement, and I do think the original mistake probably stands as-is.


Revealing mistake: Cotton is trying to reach his girlfriend using his phone. He shouts "Pick up the phone!" then curses because he has to quickly sverve. In the last shot of his maneuver at that crossing, two other cars have to zigzag to avoid a collision. Skidmarks which match their motions are already present on the asphalt, very likely from a previous take. (00:03:25)

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Revealing mistake: The two faxes Jennifer reads are a single document that arrives with a timestamp of 21:05 at page 1, and of 21:07 for page 2. They arrive less than thirty seconds apart, and same for page 3, printed at 21:09. (00:44:20 - 00:44:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Sidney is fighting the killer, when ever a big stunt comes up, the killer's hair gets lighter.

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Sidney: What do you know about trilogies?
Mark: All I know is that in the third one, all bets are off.

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Trivia: Kevin Williamson (who had written the first two films, as well as the fourth) had an entirely different plot in mind, which he had outlined and given to the studio, only for it to be passed on. His original concept had the killers in the film be members of a "Stab" (the film-within-the-film) fan-club, who orchestrated the murders in order to gain fame and become heirs to Sidney Prescott's status as the soul-survivor. Aspects of this unused original story treatment were re-written into the fourth film, which features a killer whose motivation is fame and becoming the soul-survivor.

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Question: Is there any significance to the code '1288' Sydney uses at her mountain hideaway?

Answer: Not expressly, though it could have been the date of some significant event (December of 1988) but someone as security-conscious as Sydney now is wouldn't be stupid enough to have her code be something that could be guessed.

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