Scream 2

Other mistake: When the killer is stabbing Randy, you can see his reflection in the side mirrors. He stabs him many times. The same amount of blood is on the knife every time he lifts it up. (01:02:45)

Other mistake: In the beginning of the film above the box office the date says April 12. When Sidney looks at her watch the next morning it's not even close to that date. (00:00:35 - 00:12:55)

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Suggested correction: The mistake is correct, but the watch part has nothing to do with the incorrect date. It is the next day.


Other mistake: Maureen gets popcorn and a coke, yet doesn't pay for it. Nor does the cashier ask for money. (00:04:45)

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Suggested correction: To be fair, she asked her boyfriend for some money, he gave her a note, which she holds in hand in that scene making her order and, almost certainly if we go by the arm movements, puts on the counter. If what she ordered required no change, nothing more was needed in the exchange. It's not as if she just went to the counter, didn't have any money with her, was fully on camera all the time and got her order sorted.


Other mistake: When Gale and Dewey are being naughty in the VCR room, Gale spots some of the footage the killers took of the victims. One of the clips features Maureen and Phil in line in front of the cinema, but not only the shot is basically an impossible one since it's shot from a car and in the whole scene there were no cars in the street, but also the movements of the two actors are entirely different from the ones in the opening scene during that line about "a bio." (00:00:25 - 01:18:05)


Other mistake: Much like in the original Scream, an absurd amount of time goes on since the time when Dewey is left for dead (they broke into the school at half past nine according to the clock) and when first aid is administered (the morning after).


Other mistake: Ghostface tries to kill Sidney by the front door of the sorority house, and the pendulum clock shows it's 12:10, which fits also the timeline with CiCi's murder. Running away from him though, Sid passes by a mantle in the party room that has a clock that strikes 10 to 7. (00:39:40)


Other mistake: The movie is supposed to happen "a couple years" after the previous (words of the moviegoer behind Jada Pinkett) but the current date shown at the theater says 1997, and Scream was set in September 1996 (calendar at Stu's house distinctly visible when he brings Sid's dad out of the closet).


Visible crew/equipment: If you look really close in the background as the killer throws Cici off the balcony, you can see someone sitting in a tree, wearing black, with a camera. (00:33:35)

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Maureen: Can I...gimme some money. I need to get some popcorn.
Phil: You got money.
Maureen: I got my money. I asked for your money!
Phil: Cheap ass.

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Trivia: There have been rumors ever since the release of "Scream 2" that filmmaker Robert Rodriguez actually directed the scenes from the movie-within-the-movie "Stab." (This would explain why "Scream 4" states that Rodriguez directed "Stab.") However, there are also conflicting reports that director Wes Craven filmed the scenes for "Stab," and even some theories that both directors worked on the "Stab" scenes. To this day, the truth is unclear.

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Answer: It's when Dewey and Randy are talking about the movie Stab. Randy says to him "At least you get played by David Schwimmer, I get the guy who rode the stage coach through one episode of Dr Quinn".


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