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What the #$*! Do We Know!? picture

Ramtha: Do I think you're bad? I don't think you're bad. Do I think you're good? I don't think you're good either. I think you're God.

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Palindromes picture

Mark Wiener: People always end up the way they started out. No one ever changes. They think they do, but they don't. If you're the depressed type now, that's the way you'll always be. If you're the mindless, happy type, that's the way you'll be when you grow up. You might lose some weight, your face might clear up, get a body tan, a breast enlargement, a sex change - makes no difference. Essentially... from in front, or from behind... whether you're thirteen or fifty, you'll always be the same.

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The Ladykillers picture

Gawain MacSam: Would you tell this muthafucka he can sew this shit back on? It's like that dude whose wife cut his dick off, threw it on the freeway? She just called Triple A, they towed the dick and sewed the muthafucka back on. Listen up, jackass, I saw the muthafucka in a porno, the thang still worked, it looked like a chewed-up frank, but that little muthafucka be workin' that muthafucka. It's mangly, but he be fuckin' the bitch all kind of ways with a twisted dick.

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My Baby's Daddy picture

G: Who's taking care of your kids?
Lonnie: Jesus.

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Fat Albert picture

Bill: Hey, hey, HEY. Friends don't let friends fade away.

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The Door in the Floor picture

Eddie O'Hare: I want to know more about you.
Marion Cole: You know too much already.

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You Got Served picture

Mr. Rad: Get yo' head up. You lost the money, it's gone. But, you can't lay around in yo' misery too long. Do not walk outta' this place and start to second guess yo' talent. You got yo' ass whooped tonight. But, I done seen y'all whoop a many a ass, right in the same place. Now, you lost. Lemme tell you somethin' my father told me, is: "If it don't kill you, it makes you stronger." Remember that.

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New York Minute picture

Roxy Ryan: Come on you can poopy, just a little one.

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A Dirty Shame picture

Big Ethel: Did you see those new neighbors moving in? Hmm? Grown men with hairly legs prancing around half naked?"We're bears." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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Catch That Kid picture

Tom: So, let's step on the gas and kick some... butt.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 picture

Young African American male in Michigan: And I was watchin' TV one day, 'and they're showin' like some of the buildings and areas that had been hit by bombs and things like that, and while I watchin' I got to thinkin' like', "There's parts of Flint that look like that, and we ain't been in a war."

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Layer Cake picture

[Dragan is threatening XXXX over the phone.]
XXXX: Dragan, I've got an idea. Why don't you come round for breakfast? I'll squeeze some orange juice and grind some coffee and we can talk about this like adults. How does that sound?
Dragan: Sounds very hospitable.
XXXX: Do you know where I live?
Dragan: No.
XXXX: Well fuck off, then.
[Hangs up.].

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Mulan II picture

Mushu: I just got some exfolitating cream in my eye.

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Raising Helen picture

Pastor Dan Parker: I'm a sexy man of God, and I know it.

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Decoys picture

Luke: That's it, ladies, show me your navels.

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After the Sunset picture

Stan Lloyd: It's okay to be happy to see me. Just because you're English doesn't mean you need to hide your emotions.
Max Burdett: I'm Irish. We let people know how we feel. Now fuck off.

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Starsky & Hutch picture

Jeff: Who are you guys?
Hutch: My name's Kansas. And this is my little man, Toto.

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Johnson Family Vacation picture

Nate Johnson: Nikki, this better be FTD, cuz this Russian tail is old enough to be yo' grandaddy.
Nikki Johnson: Not mom's big daddy.

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Laws of Attraction picture

Daniel: But I do care about you. And so I will give you a divorce, gladly. Because call me old fashion, but when you love someone, I believe you should be unselfish enough to give them whatever they want. I'll be around later to pick up my things.

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Bride and Prejudice picture

Lalita Bakshi: You should be stirring your husband's dinner not trouble.

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