House Of D

House Of D (2004)


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Pappass: Places change like people change.

Melissa: Your outfit is... um.
Tommy Warshaw: Orange?
Melissa: Really orange.

Tommy Warshaw: Solid according to you, lady, girls like fools and small balls. So I'm pretty much covered.

Tommy Warshaw: If I want to exercise my god given freedom to experience people getting cut up by chainsaws and hung on meat hooks, I think I have the constitutional right to do so, don't you?

Pappass: I'm not retarded anymore.
Tom Warshaw: Oh really?
Pappass: Really.
Tom Warshaw: When did that happen?
Pappass: Aww, 1984. Sometime in the spring. I went from retard to mentally handicapped. And then in 1987-88, I went from handicapped to challenged. I changed again. I'm probably changing right now, you know. Who knows what I'll be next?

Tom Warshaw: My story starts where ever man's story starts: with mom.

Pappass: If you make a wish and don't tell nobody, it could come true.

Pappass: Do you ever miss your dad?
Tommy Warshaw: All the time.
Pappass: Want mine?
Tommy Warshaw: No thanks.

Reverend Duncan: Because of some bureaucratic shenanigans and some nonsense in the U.S. constitution called the seperation of church and state, this class will no longer be called Bible Study. It will be called Ethics. Well, that's my civic duty done. Now open you bibles, boys, to Genesis 19:4.

Katherine Warshaw: Go on. Run away just like your father.
Tommy Warshaw: He didn't run away, Mom. He died.

Coralie Warshaw: A man is only a man when he can be who he is wherever he is.

Continuity mistake: When Tommy picks up his mother's cigarettes out of the toilet, one of them very obviously breaks in half. Yet a few shots later, they are all unbroken and normal.

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Trivia: In the opening of the movie, David Duchovny is seen riding his bike through Paris. Apparently, in the shot where he is riding through the middle of traffic was not planned or rehearsed, he simply began riding a bicycle through heavy traffic while the camera man filmed him. He attributes this foolish choice to his "Having drank a glass of wine" earlier that night.

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