Imaginary Heroes

Imaginary Heroes (2004)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are in the house after the funeral, Tim is in a room with his mom, where he eventually says "Which one?", then takes off his tie. You then see him outside with a girl and he has no tie. He goes back inside and is talking to two women, and has the tie back on. Then he goes outside again, and the tie has disappeared. (00:08:00 - 00:09:43)

Revealing mistake: Tim parts his hair on the left side, but during dinner it was parted on the right side. After dinner, when Tim was coming down the steps with his sister, his part was on the left side as usual. It was the same evening because he was going to the party. (00:18:15 - 00:20:09)


Continuity mistake: Frequently throughout the movie, both within and between scenes, the way Tim's hair is combed or dishevelled varies. The changed length of his bangs is particularly noticeable.


Penny Travis: Is there such a thing as the human heart, now there's the better question.
Tim Travis: Well, if you listen closely, you can hear 'em breaking.

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