I Heart Huckabees

Continuity mistake: The amount of water on Brad's shirt keeps changing between shots.

Dr Wilson

Other mistake: Vivian and Bernard are standing outside of Albert's Open Spaces office taking to him when Tommy calls Bernard's cell phone. Bernard hands the phone to Vivian, who takes the phone and puts it next to her ear, upside-down, and begins talking to Tommy, through the speaker, and listening to him, through the microphone.

Revealing mistake: When Catherine comes out of the shower and walks over to Albert, who is lying on the bed, it is clear as she leans forward that her towel is not only tucked in at the top but also pinned, about halfway down.

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Other mistake: At several points in the film, Jude Law's American accent drops and you can hear his English accent quite lucidly; this is most noticeable when he says "Go back inside" to Naomi Watts.

Continuity mistake: When Brad is in his office, talking about his brother, the plastic lizards keep changing place.

Dr Wilson

Visible crew/equipment: When Vivian and Bernard are inside Dawn and Brad's house a boom mic and a crew member are seen reflected on the yellow teapot.

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Continuity mistake: Throughout the film, Tommy is unshaven and seems to be growing a beard. In the scene outside Albert's apartment building, he appears to have shaved. However, in the next scene, with Albert and Tommy at the marsh with Caterine, his beard has somehow grown back.

Continuity mistake: When Jude Law washes his face he wets the mirror, but a shot later the drops of water disappear.

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Other mistake: Albert is narrating a letter he's writing. His character's name is Albert, but he signs it Alfred.

Dawn Campbell: There's glass between us. You can't deal with my infinite nature can you?
Brad Stand: That is so not true. Wait, what does that even mean?

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