Melinda and Melinda
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Ellis Moonsong: Why do things that start off so promisingly always have a way of ending up in the dump?
Melinda: Not for everyone.
Ellis Moonsong: Well, for anybody with any imagination. You know, life is manageable enough if you keep your hopes modest. The minute you allow yourself sweet dreams you run the risk of them crashing down.

Hobie: What? What's going on? Wait, all? we used to make love all the time and now, there's always an excuse.
Susan: I told you, I'm going through an emotionally difficult time creatively.
Hobie: You feel like we don't communicate anymore?
Susan: Of course we communicate. Now can we not talk about it anymore?

Greg: What do you do for exercise?
Hobie: Tiddly winks. And an occasional anxiety attack.

Walt Wagner: Maybe you should go back to your shrink... Discuss it.
Hobie: He just recommended Prozac. I think he has stock in the company, honestly.

Hobie: I think it'd be only fair to tell you. I'm a Liberal.
Stacey: Oh. Are you talking politically, or in the bedroom?
Hobie: I was talking politically. In the bedroom I'm a left-wing Liberal.

Melinda: I was just rubbing this lamp hoping to change my life.
Ellis Moonsong: Well, I believe in magic. In the end I think it's the only thing that can save us.

Continuity mistake: Amanda Peet finishes the shoot and breaks away from the set to meet up with a friend at a pizzeria across the street for lunch. They pick a table on the sidewalk, and as soon as Radha Mitchell sits down she drops her handbag by her side next to her chair down on the ground. In the next immediate closeup shot when the two of them start conversing, the purse is now up on the table, very prominently in the middle of the screen.

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