Melinda and Melinda

The ending of the tragic story: Melinda goes to Ellis Moonsong's apartment and Laurel is there. Ellis and Laurel tell Melinda that they really like each other. Melinda tries to kill herself by jumping off the balcony but Ellis stops her. The ending of the comedic story: Hobie and Stacy (the model who Melinda and the pianist introduced to Hobie) go to Hobie's apartment and they talk a bit and then Stacy starts rambling about how her love life is a mess and suddenly she wants to kill herself by jumping out the window but Hobie stops her. Later that night, Melinda goes to Hobie's apartment and tells him that she's a bit jealous that Hobie was with Stacy. Hobie confesses his feelings for Melinda and they kiss. After the ending of this story, we go back to the group of friends in the restaurant and one mentions that maybe the essence of life is neither tragic or comic; it depends on your point of view.


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