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Stalag 17 picture

Duke: What'd you give the Krauts for that egg?
Sefton: Forty-five cigarettes. The price has gone up.
Duke: They wouldn't be the cigarettes you took us for last night?
Sefton: What was I going to do with them? I only smoke cigars.

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes picture

Lorelei Lee: There was an old man named Sidney... Who drank till he ruined a kidney. It shriveled and shrank, but he drank and he drank... He had his fun doing it, didn't he?

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Roman Holiday picture

Princess Ann: I have to leave you now. I'm going to that corner there and turn. You must stay in the car and drive away. Promise not to watch me go beyond the corner. Just drive away and leave me as I leave you.
Joe Bradley: All right.
Princess Ann: I don't know how to say goodbye. I can't think of any words.
Joe Bradley: Don't try.

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Shane picture

Joe Starrett: That's one thing a married man has got to get used to, is waitin' for women.
Joey: Hurry up, Ma.

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The War of the Worlds picture

Sheriff Bogany: What is that gizmo?
Forrester: I'd say that gizmo is a machine from another planet.

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Peter Pan picture

Peter Pan: Girls talk too much.

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The Cruel Sea picture

Tallow: If anyone else makes a noise, I'll have his guts for a necktie.

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The Big Heat picture

Lt. Ted Wilks: It was bad judgment to bother a cop's widow about the love life of her husband.
Dave Bannion: Good or bad, it was my judgment.
Lt. Ted Wilks: You're missing the point. I'm the one that gets the pressure calls from upstairs. I'm the one that has to explain. You don't keep an office like this very long stepping on a lot of corns.
Dave Bannion: You want me to go upstairs and explain?
Lt. Ted Wilks: Not you. You're a corn stepper by instinct.

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The Band Wagon picture

Lily Marton: I knew that you could say it so beautifully.
Jeffrey Cordova: Oh, Lily, you splendid animal.
Lester Marton: Hey, take your hands off my wife and let's get down to business.

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The Robe picture

Diana: No, Marcellus, they'll kill you.
Marcellus Gallio: You must have faith.
Diana: Faith in what? This new God of yours? How can he help you? He couldn't help his own son. They crucified him and they'll kill you too.

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Duck Amuck picture

Daffy Duck: Would it be too much to ask if we could make up our minds, hmmmm?

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How to Marry a Millionaire picture

Loco Dempsey: You don't think he's a little old?
Schatze Page: Wealthy men are never old.

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The Long, Long Trailer picture

Mrs. Hittaway: What good is a trailerite if not to help out another trailerite?

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From Here To Eternity picture

Robert E. Lee "Prew' Prewitt: A man loves a thing that don't mean it's gotta love him back.

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Knights of the Round Table picture

Lancelot: Aye, it is the valley of death... the Devil himself has plowed it under.

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Glen or Glenda picture

Sheila, Glen's Sister: Just how does one go introducing your friends to your brother when Brother's wearing you best sweater, your skirt, and makeup to boot?

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Bully for Bugs picture

Bugs Bunny: Of course you realise this means war.

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Calamity Jane picture

Calamity Jane: Excitement? Why, I got more arrows in the back of that coach than a porcupine has got stickers.

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Wild Over You picture

Pepe Le Pew: Quelle est? Une king-sized femme skunk. Acres and acres of her, and she is mine, all mine.

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Island In The Sky picture

Capt. Dooley: Tell them we're in a jam. Loosen up and lose some altitude. We're turning North West until we run out of gas.
Pilot: But if we go North West Captain, we'll fly right off the map. It says "unchartered" up that way.

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