The Cruel Sea

The Cruel Sea (1953)


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Bennett: Snorkers! Good-oh.

Capt. Ericson: Steady as she goes, Number One.

Tallow: If anyone else makes a noise, I'll have his guts for a necktie.

Norwegian Captain: You are thinking about the men in the water? The men you had to kill?
Capt. Ericson: The men I had to kill.
French Captain: It was necessary to do it.
Norwegian Captain: It is war. There is no blame. But there may be thoughts.
French Captain: Naturally there may be thoughts.
Norwegian Captain: And for thoughts, there is gin.

Other mistake: Just after the Royal Navy destroyer has sailed through and depth charged the area where the British survivors are, there is a shot of the churned up sea with sombre music playing, and the seagulls are flying backwards.

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