Shane (1953)

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Other mistake: During the final shootout in the saloon, young Joey yells, "Shane, look out!" Alan Ladd whirls around and his gun goes off. But the gun isn't pointed anywhere near the bad guy who is standing on the second floor balcony. Shane more than likely shot the furnace that was off to the right. Yet, the bad guy still manages to do a face plant on the barroom floor.


Revealing mistake: When Shane punches Chris in the bar, you can see that Shane's fist actually misses Chris' face.

Revealing mistake: Alan Ladd (Shane) was quite short. When he walks up to the bar, you can sometimes see him walk up a ramp so he can be the same height as the character standing next to him.

Revealing mistake: Just after orange-yellow letters announce George Steven' production of 'Shane' there's a dissolve to a long shot over the valley floor. Under the last credits a deer is seen in the middleground, farmstead behind and mountains in the distance. Cut to child stalking deer, cocking gun and aiming. Cut to ground level, with deer turning head so antlers frame approaching rider - then a tiny car is seen crossing in the far distance.


Continuity mistake: During the cemetery scene a wide shot shows the Tetons in the background almost cloud covered, and a few minutes later as everyone leaves the funeral to fight the fire, the wide shot shows the mountains clear.

Continuity mistake: In the first bar room scene, Ben Johnson splashes some whiskey on Alan Ladd's blue shirt. A few seconds later, after Ben Johnson says. "Supposin' I make it my business", Alan Ladd's shirt is bone dry. A few seconds later, it's wet again.

Continuity mistake: During the fight scene in the bar near the end, the dirt smears on the young boy's face change several times from shot to shot.

Continuity mistake: During the fight between Shane and Chris in the bar, the amount of blood on Chris' face changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Shane walks into the saloon, wearing his gun, the gun-slinger, Wilson, moves the coffee pot in front of him off to the left, but not much later, it's back on the table.


Continuity mistake: Before the Swede picks up Torry after he has been shot down in the mud by Wilson, his coat, arms and pants are all wet. But in the shot as he moves to pick up Torry they are all bone dry. Apparently the scene in the movie was a retake because Torry's body had already got the Swede wet in an earlier take.

Continuity mistake: When Jack Wilson looks outside over the swinging doors of the bar he's wearing a right side only gun and belt, not the double gun belt.

Joe Starrett: What Ryker has comin' isn't fit for a woman to see.

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