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Corrected entry: In the funeral scene, a guy is playing the harmonica. There's an over-the-shoulder shot of him and you hear the music, but his hand doesn't move, and therefore neither does the harmonica, which would sound like only one note being played.

Correction: If the harmonica was not moving back and forth, that would not mean that only one note was being played. A number of notes can be played without moving a harmonica, so it would depend upon knowing what notes you were hearing and knowing if those notes could be played or not to know if there was an error here.

Corrected entry: When Shane has a punch-up with a bad guy in the saloon, Shane hits him twice in the face. When we see the bad guy's right fist, it has blood on it, but he hasn't hit Shane once.


Correction: The bad guy has blood on his hand because Shane hit him in the face. The bad guy fell backwards all the way into Grafton's store. While he was on the floor he used his hand to wipe blood off his face. Then he walked back into the saloon and that's when they started throwing punches.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, a Greyhound bus drives along a road in the far distance.

Correction: This error shows up only in the trailer. All the trailer scenes were put together before fixes were made. Thus, the opening scene in the movie does not show the bus.

Bus was included both in the movie and trailer till VHS and Laserdisc. For DVD, they digitally erased it in the movie.

Corrected entry: The father of the family Shane stays with loads his shotgun at one point when the antagonistic cattle rancher shows up, and the shells he loads are red plastic. All the shells then were completely brass.

Correction: Some cheap brands of shotgun shells of that time period were made of thick, red paper. They were cheaper to make and sell, but could not be reloaded as brass shells could.


Other mistake: During the final shootout in the saloon, young Joey yells, "Shane, look out!" Alan Ladd whirls around and his gun goes off. But the gun isn't pointed anywhere near the bad guy who is standing on the second floor balcony. Shane more than likely shot the furnace that was off to the right. Yet, the bad guy still manages to do a face plant on the barroom floor.


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Joe Starrett: What Ryker has comin' isn't fit for a woman to see.

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Question: Am I the only one that has seen an alternate ending to Shane? I saw it once where he comes riding back from over the hill.

Answer: During the 1960's, there was a TV Series, "Shane," which ran for one season on ABC. The premise was Shane returned to the ranch to help the now widowed Starrett and her son.

Thanks for the reply, but my daughter already suggested that one. That definitely wasn't it though. I've never even seen that TV show. The one I saw first was Allan Ladd and no other. All the other actors the same as well. There is no other movie that I have ever thought this about.

Answer: As far as I know there is no alternate ending. I've watched it for over forty years.

I saw Shane for the first time in 1970. I do remember it well. It was a slightly different version. I've seen it several times since and it is a different version. The first one I saw was like this... The father was not as good of a husband and father. Shane and the woman had a bit more than just an attraction. The farmer knocked Shane out and the farmer went to town and got himself killed. After leaving, Shane came back over the hill. The boy, with tears in his eyes, yelled "Shane you came back".

This is a perfect example of the Mandela Effect. No alternate version of the film exists where Shane comes back over the hill. There would be no reason for the studio to spend the money to script, shoot, edit, and distribute two versions of a film that vary so wildly. That there is no evidence of this alternate version other than "memories" should indicate that it doesn't actually exist. It is possible you are conflating elements of the film and the 1966 television series.


Yeah, that's what everyone says. So far no-one has seen what I saw. My best guess is that I saw an alternate version of the movie that they accidentally released briefly to my local Dayton Ohio TV station in 1970. Then again maybe I was briefly transported to an alternate universe where that is their version? Just kidding... I think?

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