Shane (1953)

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Jack Wilson, Ryker's hired gunslinger, angers Frank Torrey (a sod-buster) into drawing by taunting him, and then killing him. During Torrey's funeral, Lewis's home is set on fire by Ryker's men but saved from ruin by the homesteaders who decide they should stand up to the cattle baron. Infuriated by this event, Rufe Ryker directs his brother, Morgan, to ride to Joe's homestead and tell him to meet Ryker to talk things over 'reasonably' at the saloon. Joe naively accepts, but Shane hears from Calloway who has decided to leave Ryker, that it's a set-up. Shane tries to warn Joe (Sr.), along with his wife, and eventually is forced to fight with Joe and knocks him out cold. Marian forgives Shane, but Joey (Jr.) yells "I hate you!" and runs away. Marian then says a heart-felt good-bye to Shane, leaving the possibility that they're in love, and realizing she'll never see him again. As Shane rides off, Joey (Jr.) decides to forgive Shane, but Shane is already gone, so Joey follows him. At the saloon, Shane confronts Ryker and Wilson, He taunts both of them into a gunfight and shoots them. Shane starts to leave but Joey, who is watching from behind the door, sees Morgan, who is partially hidden on a balcony, aiming to shoot Shane. Joey shouts a warning to Shane, who turns around just in time. But Morgan fires once before Shane shoots, and Morgan dies, toppling from the balcony to the barroom floor where his brother and Wilson also lie dead. Shane goes out of the bar, and meets Joey, who apologizes and tries to convince Shane to stay. He also notices that Shane has been wounded ("Shane! You're hurt! It's bloody!"), but Shane shrugs it off and rides away. Joey yells "Shane! Shane, come back!", but Shane pays continues to ride off into the mountains from whence he came at the beginning of the film.

the bookworm of the musical

Revealing mistake: When Shane punches Chris in the bar, you can see that Shane's fist actually misses Chris' face.

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Joe Starrett: What Ryker has comin' isn't fit for a woman to see.

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