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Oblivion picture

Plot hole: According to the flight recording, Odyssey was on an uncontrolled pull towards the Tet as Jack says, "We're not getting away from this thing." So even if Jack jettisoned the sleep module where Julia was in, the module should not be able to get away as the whole ship is being pulled towards the Tet.

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The Martian picture

Plot hole: When the HAB breached, killing all the live plants and bacteria in the soil they could have been replaced. He had plenty of potatoes to use as starters, and he had his human waste from the time of the first planting to replace the biomatter and bacteria. It may have been a smaller "garden" but he still would have been able to replant. (01:07:00)

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Twelve Monkeys picture

Plot hole: At the end the police shoot Cole while he was chasing Dr Peters but the police do not stop Dr Peters and question him as to why a man was chasing him at the airport with a gun, instead he is unchallenged and allowed to continue his journey.

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Suggested correction: There is no connection between Cole and Dr. Peters, nobody knows he is specifically chasing him. Dr. Peters is beyond the gates and on his way into the plane so unless they want to stop the entire flight, which is unlikely, he is left alone. Perfectly reasonable.


Cole is chasing a man and Dr. Peters is running away (and knocking people over in the process). Further, they were screaming "there he is...stop him he's got a deadly virus" and pointing at Dr. Peters. Highly unlikely they would have let the plane depart.

There was a dude with a gun, a lot of people were running, panicking. Perfectly reasonable reaction from Peters. The police were after Cole anyway, so the attention was on him, not on Peters. And as I said, Peters was already past the inspection, so he was where he was supposed to be and there was no reason to stop him.


The shrink was still alive and seemed to give up quickly on her mission to stop a virus from killing billions. Like she just let them take her while she remained silent instead of continuing to scream that he had a virus so Cole died in vain. And they would know why he was chasing them because all they would need to do was ask him.

Her concern was with Cole, she tries to protect him throughout the movie. After Cole is shot she knows there is no way they let her continue the chase, all she cares about is Cole. Cole is being chased by the cops, no reason for them to believe what he is yelling, no reason to believe her either, since she is as an accomplice.


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Star Trek Into Darkness picture

Plot hole: During the warp-speed chase, the Vengeance literally blasts the Enterprise to pieces, and dozens if not scores of Enterprise crew members are killed and injured in the carnage. The medical crew, including Chief Medical Officer McCoy, should have been working feverishly on the wounded and dying for hours, at least. Instead, as Kirk asks Khan for help, the Sickbay is practically deserted, and McCoy is almost idly conducting blood experiments on a dead tribble. There's no sense of a catastrophic medical emergency whatsoever. It's as though the Sickbay sequence was shot for a different script in which there was no emergency, and then lazily inserted into a rewritten script.

Charles Austin Miller

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Virtuosity picture

Plot hole: When Sid shoots the TV-show host, the number of viewers doubles in two seconds. How would all those people find out so fast and switch channels?

Jacob La Cour

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Critters 2 picture

Plot hole: When the old women are painting the eggs, you can see them blowing the yolk out of some. Why didn't they blow the yolk out of the Critter eggs?

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Sky High picture

Plot hole: In the scene where The Commander and Jetstream are called to fight the giant robot, Will's mom says "What if he forgets his lunch?" In every scene where he's eating lunch at school, Will has a school lunch.

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Zack Snyder's Justice League picture

Plot hole: WW mentions that "As Darkseid waged war on Earth, he found a secret there", that being the Anti-life equation. But later on it turns out that after being defeated, planet Earth is so "anonymous among a trillion worlds" that he never manages to find it again and destroys another 100,000 worlds (his words!) to look for it again. That would mean that they lack any sort of navigation, and it's hardly possible anyway that the planet would be "anonymous" when it contains what Darkseid wants the most.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: This is in the form of a question and should be uploaded as such. There are severl reasons to think why Darkseid couldn't find Earth.


The questions were rhetorical, but thanks to your comment I edited rephrasing it without any questioning ambiguity, since my interest is not much in hearing fan theories filling the gaps in the narration, but rather in pointing out the obvious contradiction where Darkseid is fully aware right from the start that the most important thing in the universe is on Earth, but can't find it again and conquers another thousands of worlds instead "still looking" for it.

Sammo Premium member

Earth was a random planet they attacked and on that random planet Darkseid found a secret, he didn't go there for the secret, he found it whilst there. I don't expect him to go into his ship and put a pin on a map to remember where the planet was in case they were defeated. They expected to win. In their retreat, their way to navigate back to Earth got lost. Perfectly reasonable. You don't know anything about Darkseid's way of conquering and also no idea on how they navigate from world to world.


You know he was not alone, he had an army with a whole slew of ships and subordinates, it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief to swallow the idea that they are conquering worlds going in totally blind and "conquer" worlds they can't ever visit again lacking any charting.They refer the Earth by name and know who their opponents are. An explanation would be also less stringent if Darkseid didn't learn about Anti-life at all and simply "moved on", but it's not the case.

Sammo Premium member

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Stealth picture

Plot hole: After E.D.I. goes rouge, Kara brings up his weapons list, which consists of 2 ThroatRippers, 2 ShockHammers, and 3 Blue Ferrets, so E.D.I. has 7 missiles. He fires two during the Russian dogfight, another two when he and Ben escape from Alaska, and another two at the Korean border - one of which is the last missile. That's 6. So where did the last missile go?

Brad Premium member

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Recess: School's Out picture

Plot hole: Summer vacation couldn't be taken away just because it is winter, (or just snowy), they could just go by the date.

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The Fourth Kind picture

Plot hole: When Abby and her kids are abducted, the sheriff is sitting right outside her house and sees this happening. Yet the video didn't record. Well the sheriff saw it all with his own eyes so why wouldn't his testimony hold up? The tape actually shows the UFO so there's proof right there. (01:08:55)

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Resident Evil: Apocalypse picture

Plot hole: After Dr. Ashford was shot, he stayed down the whole time that Alice fought with Nemesis, they fought with Umbrella, and after they took off. How is that possible? According to all the other times they've been shot, and with the t-virus in their bloodstream, they reanimate almost ten minutes later -- not when the director wants.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth picture

Plot hole: We don't see any herbivores in the underground world - just fish and little birds. A T-Rex would need lots of big game to survive.

Jacob La Cour

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Chopping Mall picture

Plot hole: In the whole film, between the robots and the teens an incredible amount of damage is done to the shopping centre, including smoke, fires and explosions. These things would all easily trigger fire alarms and a sprinkler system...yet the fire alarms never go off.


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Gemini Man picture

Plot hole: While a tracker can certainly make it so that Junior knows where Brogan is at a given moment, it is impossible for Junior to know where exactly the plane is going to land and be lying in wait, with Brogan walking right past him. Junior would have to be well ahead of the plane in order to do that, and know exactly what direction Brogan would walk to cut him off and ambush him.


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The Faculty picture

Plot hole: If Marybeth was able to seal her nostrils and use her extended finger to remove the cap and make nobody suspicious about her, why didn't Delilah do the same thing? She was alien, so she should've still been able to do it, same as Marybeth.

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Death Race 2 picture

Plot hole: If the cars are assigned on a "first come, first served"-bases, how can the tv programme have footage of the drivers posing with their cars, seeing as not all of them survive?

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Masters of the Universe picture

Plot hole: When Gwildor tells Julie and Kevin that he can use the Cosmic Key to take them to any point in time they wish, Kevin asks just for them to go straight home. As Kevin and Julie go through the portal, Julie turns around and shouts to Gwildor to send them back before being dragged through the portal completely. When Julie wakes up in bed, she discovers that Gwildor has sent her back to the day her parents were killed. Julie never said where in time she wanted to go, so there's no way Gwildor could know to send her back to the day her parents died.

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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius picture

Plot hole: When the aliens kidnap the adults, the kids are left behind. But all the kids seen are around 11 and younger. Where are the teenagers or young adults? None of them are during the celebration scene nor in the arena on the alien planet.

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Lockout picture

Plot hole: Hock sneaks a gun into the prisoner interrogation area because he is told that guns are not allowed there. If the prison was so strict about keeping guns out of that area then they would surely have metal detectors to prevent such a thing from happening. (00:15:25)

Phaneron Premium member

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Suggested correction: Not a plot hole at all. Most of the people who are allowed in those areas will be government employees, who will be deemed trusted enough to follow the rules.

If they won't even allow a member of the Secret Service - the President's own security team - to have a gun in that area, they wouldn't simply trust them to just follow the rules.

Phaneron Premium member

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