Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Corrected entry: When Jyn and Cassian retrieve the death star plans they decide to use their shuttle to deliver the plans to the rebels. They scrap that plan once they realise that the planetary shield is up, which would block their escape. So they decide to transmit the plans digitally. But the shield would block their transmission so they get the rebels to blow it up. If either of their plans required the destruction of the shield then they should have used their shuttle to transport the plans. Then they probably would have survived the destruction of the planet.

Correction: You are assuming that they knew at the time the decision is made that they know the Death Star will fire on the planet. Also they are in the building with the transmitter, to fly away they would have to survive getting to a shuttle and the flight in the shuttle with a lot of fighting going on around them.

Corrected entry: After the corvette escapes at the end, Darth Vader is standing at the edge of the hanger, and his cape is fluttering in the breeze. Only problem is they're in space, with no wind, or high enough that the atmosphere is so thin that there's no wind. Or there's a forcefield closing off the hanger from the outside, so no wind. And even if it's that air is rushing out of the ship due to the vacuum, his cape would be blowing towards the hole, not away from it. Plus the troopers behind him would all be asphyxiated - their suits aren't space suits. (02:05:00)

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Correction: Storm Trooper suits have a temporary seal to help them survive without oxygen. As for Vader's cape, it is likely that, following the departure of the Corvette, the hanger's forcefield will have engaged and it is re-pressurising. This would cause air flow and therefore his cape would blow.

Correction: Actually, you can survive in a Stormtrooper-suit in space for about 30 minutes. The suit seals up and there is a limited supply of oxygen.

Corrected entry: At the end, it would be impossible for Cassian to climb up to the platform in his condition and save Jyn from Director Krennic; he wouldn't be able to get through the very fast opening and closing hatch like Jyn did.

Correction: Director Krennick did not climb up through the vent. It is not unreasonable to assume Cassian also travelled up there the easy way.

Corrected entry: When Baze fires the bazooka at the AT-AT, he can be seen lowering the bazooka immediately after firing, but when he realises that the AT-AT is still functioning, the bazooka is suddenly placed back over his shoulder. (01:40:50)

Casual Person

Correction: When they cut away to show the AT-AT still functioning, that would have been enough time for him to put the bazooka back over his shoulder. He didn't struggle with it, so it would have just taken him a second.

Corrected entry: When approaching the landing area on Scarif, the pilot says that the landing gear is locked in position. Then in a later shot when the ship is just above the ground, that's when we see the landing gear actually emerge. (01:25:55 - 01:27:45)

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Correction: Body actually says "landing track locked", not gear locked. He is referring to the guidance system that will help them fly down to the platform. He locked on the signal provided by control to land. Nothing to do with the ship's landing gear.

Corrected entry: At the platform where Jyn's father dies, she nearly gets blown into a hole by the starship's engines. But none of the bodies on the platform move or get blown away as well, despite the platform being covered in slippery water.

Correction: All the bodies were lying down flat against the floor, which would have created a streamlined effect as the air moved over them. Jyn, however, was standing up when the engines powered up, so there would have been a lot more air resistance that would put have put her at the full mercy of the blast.

Corrected entry: When the blockade runner leaves at the end, Darth Vader comes out onto the platform with two Stormtroopers behind him. The scene then cuts to a shot of the Blockade Runner. When the shot cuts back to Vader, the Stormtroopers are gone.

Correction: There are at least 3, possibly 4 stormtroopers behind Vader in the first shot. The final shot of Vader is a close up, with the background very blurred. Based on the original positioning of the stormtroopers, it's unlikely that they would be in the final shot, and even if they were, the background blurring was strong enough that they would be obscured.

Correction: If you look closely to the bottom right of Vader there is a blurred Stormtrooper helmet visible and the camera is looking up.

Corrected entry: The last stormtrooper to get shot on Jedha is shot in the head at point blank range but there is no damage to the helmet or stormtrooper.

Correction: There is large black mark that appears on the helmet right after it is shot by Baze.

Corrected entry: When Jyn is given her mother's necklace at the start, which is quite large and noticeable, her mother goes to tie it around her neck, then the shot cuts and it's instantly tucked inside her closed jacket out of sight.

Correction: The cord of the necklace is visible in the following shot, on both sides of Jyn's chest. The crystal of the necklace looks like it would be out of shot, based on the framing and the position of the cord. Next shot is when Jyn is running off to the hideout, and there's no reason to believe she wouldn't have tucked the precious necklace into her jacket by that point.

Corrected entry: Just before Saw dies on Jedha his breathing mask is missing from the front of his outfit, it's fitted through a ring on his chest plate so he couldn't have taken it off.

Correction: Later in that shot, Saw is seen removing another tube from elsewhere on his outfit, and we see that the plug on the end of the tube isn't very large. Looks like the mask tube would have been removable through the chest plate ring, based on what we see of the other tube. The whole scene seems to represent Saw removing his artificial adornments ready for death, so having removed the mask just before this scene would fit with the intention of the moment.

Corrected entry: C3PO and R2D2 are still at the rebel base on Yavin 4 when the rebel fleet leaves for Scarif, and the corvette with Princess Leia on it is part of that fleet, as we see at the end, placing the end of this movie right before the start of A New Hope. But R2 is on that corvette too, as Leia gives him the plans in the original movie. Obviously the princess didn't stop off at Yavin 4 to pick them up, as she just would have given the plans to the rebels there and then.

Paul Weston

Correction: There is no evidence that the ship that Leia is on had already left when we see R2D2 and C3PO at the rebel base. They simply boarded that ship with Leia after we see them.

Corrected entry: Darth Vader's entry into Leia's corvette is very different from episode 4.

Correction: We're seeing the entry into the "parent" ship, which the Blockade Runner escapes from. They then pursue it, catching up to it and boarding at the start of Episode IV.

Plot hole: When the inspection team goes into the Rogue One shuttle and then the Rebel team comes out of the shuttle in the inspection team's disguise, no one near the landing pad or in the building notices that two stormtroopers have disappeared from the group, the Imperial Officer has grown a beard in less than 5 minutes, and an Imperial Droid has come into the group.

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Suggested correction: It is entirely feasible that 2 of the stormtroopers would stay on the ship, and that anyone standing around the perimeter could miss the facial features of the officer. The delivery of a droid could well be the purpose for the cargo ship arriving.

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Chirrut Îmwe: I'm one with the Force, and the Force is with me.

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Trivia: Dr Evazan and Ponda Baba (the two that confront Ben Kenobi in the cantina in Star Wars) have a small cameo in the city of Jedha.

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