Recess: School's Out

Continuity mistake: When TJ jumps in the dumpster at the school to hide from the guys in suits, he sees two guys and another who's dressed up like Principal Prickly in his normal shabby suit, but then a second later when he takes off his Prickly mask he's in a black suit.


Continuity mistake: When the kids are in the vent Mikey is in the back, but when he is about to burp he is in the front.

Continuity mistake: When T.J. goes back to the school to investigate the green light, you will first hear him say "9:20." Then a few shots later he says "9:23 and a half." Then one shot later, you will hear him say "9:22 and a fourth."

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the treehouse when the kids are eating ice cream and scattered around with spoons, Cretien is not eating ice cream she says "Guys.. aren't we supposed eat supper before desert?" after she says that all of a sudden there all sitting around each other and Spinelly and Guss are missing there spoons.

Continuity mistake: When all the kids first break into the school some of them throw water balloons at the guards, when the guards chase after them they're dry.

Plot hole: Summer vacation couldn't be taken away just because it is winter, (or just snowy), they could just go by the date.

Factual error: There's not enough soda in two cans to soak two ninjas.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where T.J. and his friends are getting ready to break into the school, T.J. zips up his sweater. However, when the camera cuts out to a shot of the entire group of friends his sweater appears to be unzipped once again.

TJ: Hey, watch it! I've got a black belt in origami.

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Trivia: Near the end of the movie, a teacher yells, "Hey teacher, leave those kids alone." A clear reference to Pink Floyd's song "Brick in the Wall".

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