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Journey to the Center of the Earth picture

Plot hole: They all drop their backpacks and bags 3/4 mile down into the hole before climbing by rope into the caverns to begin their journey. Later in the movie, they are all sitting deep in the caverns complaining about the lack of water supply. Suddenly the long-haired guy pulls out a large glass bottle of gin, completely intact and they all drink from it. There is no way his pack could have fallen 3/4 mile onto a hard surface without that bottle breaking.

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The Abyss picture

Plot hole: Granted, Coffee is suffering from "high-pressure nervous syndrome," but if you're a Navy SEAL, wouldn't you notice whether or not your pistol has a magazine in it? Monk pulls the clip out of his jacket and starts knocking rounds out of it for the rig crew's benefit; the same dramatic effect could have been achieved with a handful of cartridges he could let slip through his fingers. You could argue that Monk didn't have enough time to unload the gun and replace the magazine, but in that case, I think the scene where Monk briefly had the gun should have been a bit longer. (Even had the empty magazine been IN the gun, Coffee still might notice the difference in weight, but that would be easier to suspend your disbelief for.) (01:43:53)


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On the Beach picture

Plot hole: When Captain Towers gives his XO an injection to allow him to die in peace, he, properly, swabs the site with alcohol, and slips the needle into the vein. However, immediately below the injection site, is a hep-lock.a port installed into a vein to allow injectables to be administered. I cannot imagine that a senior Naval officer would be so ignorant of the port's function.

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The Hidden picture

Plot hole: When Gallagher is trying to kill the senator at the end, he is fired on by his bodyguards. Yet when they finally catch up with him, they're quite content to stand back and watch him torch the senator. One of them even lowers his gun. They couldn't have known Gallagher and the senator were aliens. (01:27:20)


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Creature from the Black Lagoon picture

Plot hole: The creature gets caught in the fishing net and (after a struggle that shook the whole boat) freed itself. The scientists, upon drawing up the net, find one of the creature's claws, and thus they now seek its source. Shortly after, while Mark is busy loading a harpoon gun, Dave is protesting, stating, "This...this thing *alive* and in it's natural habitat..." It would seem that at this point, they know the creature is *not* dead, but very much alive. They dive, they see it, Mark shoots it with a harpoon, and then upon surfacing, they argue a bit before reporting what they saw to everyone else. So why after seeing it underwater, fully knowing that "this thing (is) alive," do they act so surprised to see it, as if they didn't have a clue it could possibly still exist?


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Super 8 picture

Plot hole: The alien digs an extensive underground network of tunnels beneath the cemetery without leaving huge piles of dirt above ground. (01:29:05)


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Suggested correction: There appears to be a large pile of dirt between the building and road [@ 00:54:31] when Joe went to the cemetery to "visit" his mother. Perhaps there is more behind the building. Or, based on how far the creature could toss large appliances, the "monster" might have flung some of the dirt far away (to the next county?).


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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea picture

Plot hole: Whilst on the surface a drifting ship is seen and an officer and two sailors are sent to check it. On deck the officer says check fore and aft. The sailor who goes to the right and out of sight is back in 5 seconds. This is not enough time to check his allocated section. The script should have shown the officer check his watch (dial visible) and say something like "you have got 15 minutes". Next shot to show the officer checking his watch again and we see 10 minutes have passed and the men return.

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Iron Man 3 picture

Plot hole: How come the Extremis serum was able to regenerate Ellen Brandt's arm but not repair the scar on her face? According to the movie, the serum is supposed to rewrite the body's genetic code and constantly repair damaged cells, so her face should have been restored to its original state, just like her missing arm. Even if she had been born with the scar the serum would have healed it, just like it healed all of Aldrich Killian's physical impairments. (00:51:40)


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I Am Number Four picture

Plot hole: Henri, an expert warrior who is shown to be capable of defeating an individual with super-powers as well as entire groups of Mogadarian soldiers, is abducted by two fat web designers and held captive until John comes to rescue him.

Phixius Premium member

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Dark Phoenix picture

Plot hole: There are two timelines in the X-Men franchise - the original films and the prequels, up until Days of Future past, which alters the future, and at the end reveals that Jean Grey, Professor X and Cyclops are all alive, rather than dying as they did in X-Men 3. The "new" timeline is then followed in Apocalypse and this movie, giving them a bit of leeway to make changes, much like the new Star Trek movies. Only problem is...Jean Grey dies in this movie! So no way her older self can be around in DoFP.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Suggested correction: I think you might have missed the final shot in the movie, when the camera pans up from Charles and Erik playing chess and the Phoenix firebird is shown flying across the sky/stratosphere, implying that, much like the Phoenix's legendary namesake, Jean had risen from the ashes so to speak. There is precedent for this in the comics, plus there were supposed to be more X-Men movies after this one until the Disney/Fox merger happened.

Phaneron Premium member

Yes, but she even said she evolved beyond earth, so that is basically saying that she died. Or she isn't on earth anymore.

This film takes place 30 years before the final scene in Days of Future Past. Anything could have happened during that time in which Jean Grey regained her humanity and returned to Earth. The force is called the Phoenix for a reason.

Phaneron Premium member

Suggested correction: Bryan Singer confirmed that the end of Days of Future Past with Jean Grey being alive is one of many timelines, there are more than 2 timelines in this universe, meaning that despite all the X-Men being alive in the future at the of Days of Future Past, they can still all die in other movies like in Logan and Dark Phoenix.

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Alien 3 picture

Plot hole: One alien egg is shown hanging from the wall at the start of this film, yet there's no way it can be there. The queen didn't take any with her from LV426 in 'Aliens', and if she did, she had no opportunity to place them on the Sulaco between exiting the dropship's landing gear, engaging Ripley and being killed.

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Lost in Space picture

Plot hole: Considering that this family has been training for the mission for years and certainly have received some instruction in astrobiology, they are awfully carefree around the cute little alien. Any real space farer would be aware of the enormous potential problems with first contact, like incompatible biochemistry (aliens might exude deadly toxins from their skin, be eaten alive by human-exhaled oxygen, etc). They even feed it human food without analyzing the alien; again, this could kill it, make it chemically dependent, cause it to go into a mating cycle, etc. But it's cute alien, so naturally they don't worry about any of this.


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D.A.R.Y.L. picture

Plot hole: If the government guys could see Daryl in the cockpit, they should have known they could finish him off. If they launched a missile, he would either be hit by it or cook himself himself trying to outrun or outclimb it.

Grumpy Scot

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire picture

Plot hole: There is no way that 'coast of Iceland' could ever have been mistranslated as 'coast of Ireland'. For this to have happened, they would have had to have thought that the 'C' rune was an 'R' rune, but they had already deciphered the word 'coast', so they knew what the 'C' rune was. The 'O's are the same rune and the 'A's are the same rune, plus there is one rune for every letter, so it it's a direct letter-by-letter translation.


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28 Weeks Later picture

Plot hole: There is no way Don could have met his children at the underground station at the end of the film, with no way of knowing where they were going, and with no means of transport to get there that quickly.

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The Tomorrow War picture

Plot hole: Dan returns from the future with a vial of toxins with him that can kill all the white spikes. He tells somebody to start mass-producing it but this information is not spread across governments or even made public, but it is the one thing they have that can prevent humanity's extinction and making people aware of that will stop the rioting.


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Apollo 18 picture

Plot hole: How would any of the EVA/16MM video footage be recovered in the first place? Astronauts took pictures like these on rolls of film, and those were developed well after the end of the flight. If the spacecraft had not been recovered at all, then the footage would simply be a piece of orbiting space junk. (01:22:40)

Jackson Tyler

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox picture

Plot hole: After Reverse Flash saves Lois Lane and kills all the Amazons that were attacking her, he disappears, just before a group of resistance fighters shows up. They know that they didn't take out any of the Amazons, it's obvious that Lois didn't kill them, yet the resistance members show no concern as to who was responsible. The war involves three separate groups, the resistance, the Amazons and the Atlanteans, each of whom is equally hostile to the other two. As such, the resistance cannot assume that whoever killed the Amazons must be an ally and let their guard down, as it could easily have been an Atlantean force, who would make no distinction between the Amazons and the resistance and would attack them on sight. An experienced resistance team would not be so casual about the situation. (00:40:50)

Quantom X Premium member

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Demolition Man picture

Plot hole: Even if the 30 bus passengers that were already dead had been burned up in the explosion of the building their bodies would still have been autopsied after the fact, thus proving that Phoenix had killed them beforehand and vindicated Spartan.


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Suggested correction: Considering a building fell on the bodies it would be extremely hard to determine the actual cause of death. Phoenix also could have killed them in a way that doesn't easily show in an autopsy, like asphyxiation.


True, but why would they take the word of a known murdering kingpin over a police officer that while may not do things by the book, has always been for the greater good? It just seems way too far fetched.


The lack of soot and other ignition debris in the lungs and tracheas of the dead bodies would have immediately told the pathologists and coroners who examined the bodies that the hostages were dead before the building was destroyed by an explosion supposedly set off by John Spartan. It doesn't matter how badly mangled the bodies were - a tissue sample no bigger than your little finger would have told them everything they needed to know. John Spartan did not commit manslaughter.

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Beneath the Planet of the Apes picture

Plot hole: Brent discovers that Taylor is on the planet and has a connection to Nova through the dog tags she is wearing. However, throughout the first movie, Taylor never had any dog tags on his person. Also, his ship was destroyed, and he only managed to retrieve a life raft and supplies. His belongings and clothing were taken from him when he was apprehended by the apes. Taylor should never have had any dog tags to give to Nova or for Brent to discover. (00:11:10)

Casual Person

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