Super 8

Plot hole: The alien digs an extensive underground network of tunnels beneath the cemetery without leaving huge piles of dirt above ground.


Plot hole: Things have gone "missing" throughout the movie, without leaving extensive damage... I find that very strange. This is a HUGE alien that looks around for things he needs, carelessly flinging junk around in a junkyard, including a toilet, a motorcycle, and a stove which ends up landing out in the street. Izzy, the owner of the Auto Sales lot, shows the deputy that something is missing from the cars in his lot by lifting the hoods up. He doesn't say, and the camera doesn't show, WHAT exactly was missing from the cars, except the Bonneville. "Look at my Bonneville over here! They'd have to have a winch to take that out." This implies that it was only the Bonneville that had the engine removed, because you would need a winch to remove the engine from ANY of those vehicles. No other damage was visible. I don't see the huge alien being able to free the hood latch and lift out the engine without leaving other damage. Also, Debbie said there were 20 microwaves missing from her inventory - just "gone". I don't see the huge alien opening the door of a warehouse or store, walking through the doorway, and walking out with 20 microwaves. Even if he used a warehouse garage door. There would be other damage. It would have made sense if any business' missing items ended up looking the way Kelvin's Gas Station looked when the alien grabbed Sheriff Pruitt and Breen.

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Cary: He's too stoned!
Martin: Oh, drugs are so bad!



After the train crash, the teen characters discover cube-like items. One of them states it looks like a Rubik's Cube. The movie itself takes place in 1979, but the Rubik's Cube, although invented in 1974, was not licensed to sell in the USA until 1980. It was not even called a "Rubik's cube" until 1980 (prior to this, it was known as a "Magic Cube").



Wait for about 2 minutes when the credits roll and you'll see the kids' completed zombie movie - it's about 5 minutes long and fun to watch.